Sandler Training: Coaching from the Frontline

Holly Bonner

Remember those “new year, new me” resolutions? This year, you may have imagined spending more time at the gym or planning a trip to Europe. But that probably didn’t happen… 

So far, 2020 has thrown us for a loop.

Last month, the American Psychological Association’s annual survey reported that we haven't seen so large an increase in national stress since 2007 – the first year of the Great Recession. 

Findings show that COVID-19 is especially taking a poll on parents with most reporting an average stress level of 6.7, in comparison to the national stress level of 5.4 (on a 10-point scale where 1 means “little or no stress” and 10 means “a great deal of stress”). 

During the global pandemic, Sandler Training is dialing businesses back to their self-care goals in a training series focused on helping people balance their personal and professional lives.

“We all deal with stress, especially right now. Many of today’s working professionals fall into the sandwich generation, meaning they’re working full-time, raising children and taking care of elderly parents,” says Lisa Nausley, owner & CEO of Sandler Training in Chattanooga. 

Premier Partnerships

In its Women’s Heart for Leadership series, Sandler works with Kenco Group, the largest woman-owned third-party logistics company in the U.S.

“It just so happened that we started the training when COVID-19 broke out. Now more than ever, women in my network need this because not only are they dealing with the same challenges they were before, but now there's the added anxiety of keeping the supply chain running, while also taking care of their families at home,” says Paula Hise, Kenco’s Vice President of Health and Personal Care.

One of the four-part training series included a DISC personality test, an interpersonal development tool that teaches employees how to effectively communicate. 

“We’ve become more aware of how our personality translates to our job, and I think being self-aware is a big step forward for any leader,” Hise says. 

Our personality guides our career choices. Sandler creates cohesion in corporate environments by helping businesses mend communication gaps between departments. The result is a team of employees who know their strengths and how to use them. 

“If you think about somebody who's analytical, they usually are deep thinkers who are good with facts and figures. But when we tell them to network, that’s usually more energy-draining for them,” Nausley says. 

Through Sandler’s executive training, Hospice of Chattanooga also developed a goal-setting process for frontline employees coping with their ever-changing work environment. The training covers everything from mental health advice to conflict resolution skills. 

Accountability partners ensure long-term success for Sandler’s clients. Both Kenco and Hospice employees regularly check-in with their co-workers to make sure they are retaining what they’ve learned.

“It's kind of like if you have a workout partner. If there’s somebody to hold you accountable, you’re much more likely to take care of yourself,” Nausley says. 

A Worthwhile Investment 

When you invest in your employees, you invest in your business. Corporate camaraderie, increased employee satisfaction and higher sales returns are some of the reasons Sandler Training receives raving reviews. 

“We are one of the top firms, which is an honor because Sandler has over 250 franchises in 33 countries all over the world. Sandler’s been around for more than 50 years, but my husband and I were thrilled to found our branch 12 years ago,” Nausley says. 

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