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Top Marketing Tips for Tennessee Startups

Chattanooga is home to many inspiring entrepreneurs who continuously show that nothing is impossible. Still, starting a business is no easy task. Oftentimes, the responsibilities of being a business owner can be overwhelming. Luckily, your marketing does not have to

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12 Pre-Interview Tips by Chattanooga’s HR Experts

End pre-interview jitters by learning how to effectively prepare for an interview. Chattanooga’s top Human Resources (HR) professionals, from Kenco to Ruby Falls, shared their pre-interview best practices to help you land that dream job! Meet our HR experts: Katie

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5 Tips to Establish and Enhance Workplace Inclusivity

Inclusive culture is becoming increasingly important to the health, productivity and profit of today’s organizations. An inclusive culture involves the full and successful integration of diverse people into a workplace or industry. A Deloitte survey found that today’s workforce looks

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8 Tips to Start a Business in 2022

It’s been two years since the start of COVID-19, and though new variants are causing some concern, many Americans are now gaining the confidence to launch their small businesses once again. There are many uncertainties that come with starting a

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8 End of the Year Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning over the past two years has felt like a roller-coaster ride at times — in part due to a series of pandemic-inspired stimulus programs and related legislation. Despite these changes, there are still a few tried-and-true strategies that individuals

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5 Tips for Creating Trust Among Remote Teams

Most companies fall into two categories of trust: high trust and low trust. Low trust companies are defined by individuals who live in self-protection mode. In these companies, the most powerful people win rather than the best ideas. There is

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