DIVERSIFY Vendor Spotlight: Cousin’s Mobile Boutique

Drake Farmer

Monday, June 19 kicks off DIVERSIFY week with local retail vendors. 

Cousin's Mobile Boutique, a women's jewelry vendor, sells unique handmade and retail pieces. 

Be sure to stop by their table at our first DIVERSIFY marketplace of the week. 

Trend: How would you describe your business?
Sherry Riggs: Cousin’s Mobile Boutique is a business that came together between my cousin Carol and me. It’s based on our love of fashion. Most ladies want to stand out and have special jewelry items that aren’t like anyone else's. Not only is that important, but hardly anyone has the time to shop at a storefront in this day and age of hustle and bustle.

Trend: Are all of your products handmade?
Riggs: We have handmade jewelry and retail jewelry – and it’s all unique. I have a good amount of products that I’ve made myself.  

Trend: What makes your pieces unique?
Riggs: One thing that we look for is to be different. As a woman, you don’t want to walk into a room and see a lady wearing something that you have on. I love the fact that I can make something that I enjoy creating and that I’ve made out of love, and someone else can enjoy that as well. 

Trend: How did you decide to turn your love of fashion into a business?
Riggs: Initially, we wanted to start a business with women’s clothing. But neither one of us could sew. So we talked about it and decided, “How about we make jewelry?”  I started making a couple of pieces and went from there.

Trend: What is your vision for Cousin’s Mobile Boutique?
Riggs: Our vision is for my cousin and me to set a legacy for our daughters. There are three girls: my daughter, Victorious, and my cousin’s daughters, Cierra and Chelse’. We want to pass this down to them. The name, of course, would still be fitting – the three of them are cousins. That’s one of the reasons we named the business what we did – to pass it along to the girls.

Trend: How did you find out about DIVERSIFY?
Riggs: Through Launch Chattanooga. We ran into each other at an event at the Edney and she told me about it. We've done a few vendor events along the way and we're super excited about DIVERSIFY. 

Learn more about Cousin's Mobile Boutique via their Facebook page or here.

To learn more about Launch Chattanooga, visit launchchattanooga.org

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