Terminus: Driving Small Cities Forward Through Innovation 

Through a strategic collaboration of talents and expertise, two dynamic companies recently joined forces to create the first-ever Sustainable Mobility Accelerator – a transformative program for startups curated from a competitive pool of 145 startups from 25 different countries.  

The driving force behind this program is Chattanooga’s startup accelerator, The Company Lab, (CO.LAB). As a 501c3 non-profit organization, it champions new startups, particularly those within the sustainability space, providing them with the essential tools and resources necessary for growth.  

Teaming up with CO.LAB is gener8tor, an influential global venture firm and accelerator network that strives to unite professionals from a diverse range of industries to initiate transformative change. From startup investors to musicians to universities and more, gener8tor aims to provide opportunities to their participants.  

In this collaborative initiative, which began in January 2024, CO.LAB and gener8tor selected five startups all recognized as “global startup leaders in transforming the future of mobility.” 

“This cohort is not only the first of its kind in Chattanooga, but in the country as well,” said CO.LAB’s CEO Tasia Malakasis. “Bringing in such a wide range of mobility startups, all that play to the strengths of Chattanooga, position this city to be a leading network for sustainable transportation, data, energy, and movement.” 

The winter 2024 Sustainable Mobility Accelerator cohort includes:  

  • MarsCharge: with a goal of “supercharging the electric vehicle revolution,” MarsCharge offers electric vehicle charging technology that expands the resiliency and availability of the electrical grid and charging landscape.   
  • FLUIX: promises massive reduction in energy costs for AI data centers by optimizing “data center efficiency” through autonomous AI infrastructure, FLUIX reduces “energy costs by 40%, operational CO2 emissions by 45%, and daily water usage by millions of gallons.”  
  • Coulomb AI: elevating battery “safety, reliability and sustainability”, Coulomb AI – A Battery Observability Platform – has a stated goal to “accelerate progress toward a zero-emissions future by solving some of the greatest challenges in battery lifecycle.”  
  • Xtelligent: “Revolutionizing traffic control” with a next-gen Adaptive Traffic Control System, Xtelligent “prioritizes the flow of people and goods” while promising cost-effective and significant CO2 reduction.  
  • Terminus: an “urban data mining company,” Terminus empowers public authorities and governments through data insights “to take proactive action to make their cities smarter, safer and more efficient.”  

Over the 12-week program, each participating team will receive a $20,000 initial investment, followed by the potential for an additional $100,000 upon program completion. The participants will have the chance to partake in mentorship opportunities, collaborate with Chattanooga’s Sustainable Mobility leaders and gain access to pilot opportunities.  

The Chamber will profile each of these startups in the coming weeks. Today, we shine a spotlight on Terminus, an urban data mining company at the forefront of innovation. 

Terminus leverages cutting-edge software and hardware that enable public authorities to implement efficient measures to enhance the safety, intelligence and efficiency of their cities. 

“Bringing promising mobility startups to Chattanooga was a big priority for us and we were impressed by the innovation Terminus Technologies presented when applying for our accelerator,” said Angela Poffenbaugh, CO.LAB’s Communications Specialist.  

Terminus’s ability to gather valuable resources and data through their proprietary software and patented hardware has made it easier for its users, such as public authorities and governments, to address safety and transportation challenges proactively, Poffenbaugh noted.  

“Chattanooga’s Smart City Collaborative, particularly in city infrastructure and development, are all engaged in Terminus and eager to see the company grow and scale in Tennessee,” she said. 

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