Red Stone Estates: Upscale Living Without the Upscale Cost

Josué Vega, Marketing & Communications Intern

Family is a core foundation of Chattanooga. From the day we're born to the day we die, family is often what keeps us going. That's why it is so important to make sure that our family is in good hands when we can't be around. Accordingly, this week we spoke with Carol G. Fincher about the newest senior living center in Chattanooga–Red Stone Estates. 

Tell us about the Red Stone Estate senior living community. 

​Red Stone Estates is a brand new, lovely community for seniors enjoying retirement. Amenities include transportation to medical appointments, offsite activities, and grocery stores; chef-inspired and created dining services at lunch and dinner; a beauty salon / barber shop; a wellness and fitness room; and so much more! 


What makes Red Stone unique from other senior living apartments? 

The apartments themselves are unique in that they are very upscale, modern, and “fresh” without being too “mod” or trendy.  All apartments include washers and dryers (which is a BIG plus in senior living — no shared laundry facilities — especially in COVID times), stainless steel refrigerators with icemakers, dishwashers, microwaves, induction stove tops, ceiling fans, tray ceilings, wood-look flooring, step-in or roll-in showers, marble countertops, and much more.  We also have very talented local chefs with experience at Farm to Fork, Mount Vernon, The Walden Club, Hennen's, and more.  We serve fresh fruit and vegetables, real mashed potatoes, and even make our own potato chips. We are local, family owned and operated.


All that being said, the team at Red Stone is what really makes us unique!  We have gathered an experienced and caring team who have the heart for and a genuine love for seniors.  The culture and the warm, friendly atmosphere at Red Stone are truly remarkable.  Our mission and desire are to help put as much “golden” in the Golden Years as we can by enriching the lives of seniors  — taking the daily tasks of cooking and cleaning away from them so they can use all their energy to enjoy their lives.  Our team members engage with our residents daily.  There is very much a true sense of family and belonging here — between residents, between team members, and between residents and team members.


Dreams, laughter, imagination, the desire for fellowship and socialization, and the love for great cuisine do not diminish with age.  We strive to encourage our residents to join with other residents and enjoy all our common areas as well as life in the comfort and safety of their own apartment. We have bright, welcoming lounges on all four floors of our community, including a “man cave” complete with a pool table and a big screen tv for those all-important sporting events, a television and reading lounge, a coffee lounge, and a large open first floor social lounge with 2 stone fireplaces and 2 large screen televisions


Red Stone is the newest senior living center – how did the idea for it come to be?  ​

As previously noted, Red Stone is locally and family owned.  The Russell family, headed by Emerson Russell, are the owners of our senior community.  Emerson has had an interest in helping seniors for a number of years.  This is another of many of his contributions to the Chattanooga and North GA area.  (He acquired ownership of Boyd's Speedway at the end of 2020 also).


Tell us about your tagline “Upscale living without the upscale cost.” What upscale amenities does Red Stone offer?  

The spirit of Red Stone itself is bright and upscale.  It is well-appointed with upscale furnishings and “trimmings.”  Having a washer and dryer in every apartment is definitely an upscale feature, as are the kitchen appliances, ceilings fans, and other architectural features.  Our food service is definitely upscale as senior living goes.  We have order-off-the-menu service and a daily special.  This type of service is only found in the more upscale senior communities.  Of the communities “thought of” as upscale in the Chattanooga area, we have the very best pricing available.


When it comes to a living space and community, what do you think are the most important needs for seniors? How does Red Stone fill those needs? 

​More and more studies show that socialization is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of seniors.  The emotional and mental health of seniors has a direct impact on physical health.  Socialization is a big part of our Red Stone community.  COVID-19 isolation has been devastating for seniors, even though it was necessary to ensure health and safety.  With gatherings and opportunities/activities open to residents and the community as a whole, we are striving to provide as much “human” contact and engagement as possible.  We also have large, warm, inviting lounges and socialization areas — the outdoor fire pit and game area are very popular.

Careful attention is given to all facets of life at Red Stone as we all attempt to get back to some sense of normalcy post-COVID.  This includes important attention to cleaning and providing a safe, healthy environment for our residents. In addition to that, basics such as safety, security, cleanliness, and excellent quality and preparation of food are, of course, quite important.  With our excellent team serving all those needs, we feel that we provide all of those things for seniors.

At the end of the day, seniors need to feel safe, loved, and needed. They need to feel like part of a family.  That is our goal—to grow and nourish a warm family atmosphere and culture here at Red Stone.  Everyone belongs.  Everyone is family.

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