Member Spotlight: Embracing the Digital Great Unkown

Last month, Google introduced its next-generation analytics and data measurement tool – Google Analytics 4 (GA4). An estimated 38 million websites use Google Analytics to track data, that number is expected to grow in the years to come.

GA4 replaces its 360 Universal Analytics predecessor which officially stopped collecting data July 1.

For small business owners, GA4 offers more accurate understandings of app and website engagement to facilitate and enhance the customer journey. With improved analytics come the challenges of adopting a new system – a process time-strapped entrepreneurs might struggle to undertake. This is where a proficient digital marketing agency plays a crucial role.

Chattanooga businesses have many options to choose from when seeking guidance in emerging digital landscapes like GA4. One local company is well-equipped to understand this innovative measurement system while also providing diverse marketing services to help small business owners maximize their online potential.

Launched in 2016 by Kate Izell, founder and CEO, Izell Marketing built its reputation on delivering result-driven marketing strategies to increase leads, understand analytics and maintain as top search engine optimization (SEO).                                                                                                                                         

A small business owner herself, Izell understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when looking for an agency within a tight budget. Despite the agency’s growing demands, Izell holds firm in her commitment to offering affordable services and meeting clients at their level.

Kate Izell, Izell Marketing

“Our mission is centered on delivering great work,” Izell says. “Sometimes a client’s budget is too small to have big results. We still sit down with them and come up with a [marketing] plan.”

In 2017, Izell began gradually expanding her all-female marketing team. While her clients are nationwide, she strategically established her business in Chattanooga, drawn by the city’s unmatched internet speeds and status as a prime remote work destination. The agency harnesses the power of remote work to keep overhead costs low, enabling them to offer competitive rates without compromising quality.

As the head of the agency, Izell personally meets with each potential client prior to taking on work. This hands-on approach allows her team to understand each client’s needs and challenges, establishing a solid foundation for successful partnerships while ensuring clients are fully informed about strategies and tactics employed on their behalf.

With the introduction of GA4, many entrepreneurs may feel lost navigating a platform that Izell describes as “the great unknown.”

Entrepreneurs who approach Izell Marketing uncertain about their digital marketing requirements and metrics are met with clear expectations and understanding.  

“Some of the best clients we have are ones who tried and failed,” Izell says. “They understand the value of our services because they went through the experience of trial and error and appreciate our help.” 

Izell Marketing client Marlon Nelson, owner of Nelson Lawn Maintenance, shared his experience. After being let down by other agencies. Having reached out to three marketing companies for Google Ads assistance, Marlon found his solution with Izell.  

“I reached out to three marketing companies for help running Google Ads, before finally connecting with Izell,” Nelson says.  

In a single hour-long consultation, Izell and team created a marketing strategy and began crafting a campaign that positioned Nelson Lawn Maintenance ahead of the lawn care season. Nelson secured six consistent clients even before his mower touched a blade of grass. 

Izell and team leverage their years of experience and partnerships with major tech companies like Google, guiding their clients through the great unknown.  

With Google Analytics deeply woven into the agency’s identity, Izell Marketing positioned itself to stay ahead of the curve during major shifts in marketing trends.  

“We’re ready,” Izell confidently says.  

Learn more about Izell Marketing, here.

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Featured image courtesy of Innamorata Photography.

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