Member Spotlight: Lights, Camera, Action!

Smartphones make capturing videos easier than ever. With a simple setup, anyone can hit record and create content for social media. However, when it comes to producing reusable and high-quality branding, marketing, or employee training videos, there are better options to consider.

Enter 6 Strong Media, a family-owned and operated video production agency and Chattanooga Chamber member. Renowned for their ability to create exceptional videos efficiently, 6 Strong Media possesses a unique talent for guiding clients through the video production process seamlessly.

Lead by Kris Simmons, executive producer and CEO; and Mandy-Senn Simmons, vice president of marketing and account management, 6 Strong Media offers a variety of services to take clients from a project’s initial planning stages all the way to editing and delivery.

For small business owners, starting a video production project can feel overwhelming. The partners at 6 Strong Media recommend starting with a brand video that conveys your company’s unique identity, mission and impact. This foundational video can then be repurposed into various cuts for social media, maximizing your investment and extending its lifespan.

“If you’re smart about the investment, you can think through it strategically to figure out how to repurpose that video and get more bang for your buck,” Mandy Simmons says.

Now with 13 years under its belt, 6 Strong Media has developed a network of more than 200 camera crews across the country.

They define themselves as a team who “likes to have fun” while staying focused on building enduring relationships. Guided by their tagline of offering “great videos without the hassle,” 6 Strong Media says communication is the first step in creating great video content.

(Left) Mandy-Senn Simmons, vice president of marketing and account management. (Right) Kris Simmons, executive producer and CEO.

“We ask a lot of questions in the beginning of the process, so we all know what the scope is and what’s going on. Then we develop timelines and a plan for the whole entire process. So, at any point in time our clients know what’s happening – they’re never in the dark,” Mandy Simmons says.  

They extend that same positive experience to their employees, guiding them through the initial planning process to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

“We are very organized,” Kris Simmons says. “If you’re a shooter or editor for one of our projects, you’re getting this very thought-out creative brief that gives you a roadmap on how to execute and what the scope is, as well as the expectations and timeline.”

For smaller businesses and nonprofits with limited budgets that hesitate to invest in video production, the experts at 6 Strong Media believe in the undeniable impact of visual storytelling.

“If you’re not doing it, your competitors are. You have to figure out some type of video strategy no matter where you are.” Kris Simmons says.

“If you’re going to spend the money to do it, you want to make sure it’s effective,” Mandy Simmons adds.  

The Simmons have actively engaged with the Chattanooga Chamber for the past 23 years. Kris Simmons, a former INCubator entrepreneur, and Mandy Simmons, a graduate of the Chamber’s Leadership Chattanooga program, recognize the Chamber’s invaluable role for regional businesses.

“I feel like the Chamber has always done an incredible job of supporting small business owners and founders and creating those opportunities to connect with people or to learn things. I’ve been fortunate over the years to always be able to call the Chamber and ask questions or ask about resources,” Kris Simmons says.  

 “We will always refer the Chamber to anybody. Everybody needs to be a part of it. Just like with any organization, the more you’re involved, the more you get out of it. But at the same time, it’s one of the biggest economic drivers for our region,” Mandy Simmons says.

As proud members of the Chattanooga community, Kris and Mandy Simmons hold a deep affection for the city. With two decades of residence, they have become active local contributors, collaborating with community stakeholders to produce meaningful projects.

“We love Chattanooga. We’ve been here for 20 years now. it’s our home now. We have kids in the school system, we work with a lot of nonprofits and community organizations to produce videos for things that make a difference. We do like to give back and be a part of it, so we are here for the community, it’s our home,” Mandy Simmons says.

Learn more about 6 Strong Media, here.

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