Health Department Requests Increased Social Distancing, Releases Latest Data, and Advises Local Healthcare Providers

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN – The Hamilton County Health Department reports 2 new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total cumulative case count to 39. A second COVID-19 death has also been reported, bringing the total death count to 2.

According to Health Department data, only 26% of local cases had an identifiable contact to someone who was known to be infected, while 74% have no identifiable contact. This indicates that individuals are being infected by community spread. Community spread sources include being out in public or around other people when you do not know their infection status. It also includes contaminated surfaces or objects. For this reason, the Health Department strongly urges everyone to abide by social distancing practices.

The virus is spread through droplets in the air and frequently touched surfaces. Social distancing is the best way to prevent spread or contacting the virus. Do not have house guests. While getting exercise and sunshine is encouraged, keep a minimum of six feet distance from others.

When planning your trip to stores for essential items, such as groceries and medications, adhere to the following:

  1. Plan out a week of meals and necessities and make only one trip to the store.
  2. Send only 1 person to the store. Go for those who would need an extra person for assistance.
  3. Do not touch your face while shopping and handling products.
  4. If the store offers sanitizing wipes, use them to clean the cart handle.
  5. Minimize your time inside the store.
  6. Maintain 6 feet distance between you and others, especially in the checkout line.
  7. Use credit and debit cards instead of cash.
  8. Shop only for your short term needs and don’t take more than what you need.

The age range of positive cases in Hamilton County is 25-87 years, with an average of 58 years. Males represent 64% while females 36%. All races have been affected.

Health Department data also reveal that COVID-19 in our community has a hospitalization rate of about 44%. It appears that in many of these cases, the patients initially showed mild symptoms, which then progressed to severe symptoms and hospitalization within a few days of onset.

Dr. Paul Hendricks, County Health Officer, speaking to local healthcare providers, “If a patient makes you suspicious enough for COVID-19 testing, that patient is considered to have the virus unless proven otherwise. From the moment of that decision, your patient should be given a mask and advised about the same isolation procedures that all COVID-19 patients need to follow. This is to protect their family, other close contacts, and the public as a whole.”


Below is a summary of Hamilton County data:


Case Status

Positive Test Results


Negative Test Results


Total Test Results













Age Demographics

18-49 years


50-64 years


65+ years


Not yet determined at the time of press†



† Not all of the details of a case may be available at the time of publication.


Sex Demographics





Not yet determined at the time of press




Race Demographics







Not yet determined at the time of press



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