Future Ready Institutes Help Aspiring Pilots Reach New Heights

Hamilton County Schools’ Future Ready Institute of Aviation partnered with Crystal Air to create internships for Brainerd High School students pursuing a career in aviation.

The four-year-old program offers direct access to necessary resources with internship opportunities in airport operations, fueling, mechanics and piloting. Brainerd High School’s Aviation Institute offers an alternative to college for aspiring pilots as many airports are now waiving their requirements for a college degree, per News Channel 3.

With more pilots retiring than are being introduced to the aviation field, Brainerd High School’s program also helps curve a post-pandemic shortage of pilots.

This pathway functions similarly to a trade school, explains Daniel Monroe, flight instructor, Crystal Air. Courses offered include aviation flight, automotive maintenance, light repair and supply chain management.

As a Future Ready Institute supporter, the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Hamilton County Department of Education to host Get (Future) Ready on Jan. 12, 13. This annual event aims to help eighth-grade students explore potential career opportunities while preparing them for Future Ready Institutes as they begin their high school careers.

As a Future Ready Institute, the Institute of Aviation at Brainerd High School equips students with ample career-centered teaching to explore a multitude of employment options as they finish high school.

Learn more about Future Ready Institutes, here.

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