Why This Digital Marketing Agency is Dialing in on Health Care

After providing more than a decade of digital marketing expertise to partners across the region, Full Media is doubling down on our area’s future in health care.

For a company that delivers services through the cloud, Full Media sure has plenty of hardware.

Depending on the award, they are a …

  • Top Digital Marketing Agency
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Top PPC Agency
  • Top SEO Agency
  • Top Web Design Agency

And the list goes on.

It’s an impressive list. One, of course, that wasn’t earned overnight.

Foundations of Full Media

Launched just down the road in Gainesville, Georgia, Full Media’s first expansion market was Chattanooga back in 2010. The company then tapped the Atlanta market in 2014.

No matter the location, though, Full Media has kept its focus on small- to mid-sized businesses since their start.

“When we founded Full Media in 2008, we did so with the idea that there was an unfulfilled need for our expertise and services among local and regional businesses,” says Kris Nordholz, CEO at Full Media. “That belief has been confirmed year after year, as more businesses realize they cannot ignore the ever-increasing complexity and specialization of the digital realm.”

Today, Full Media works with a lengthy roster of businesses nationwide.

And since it’s typical for the employees at most small and mid-sized businesses to be laser-focused on delivering their unique product or service, few of these organizations have the human resource bandwidth to really dial in on getting (and keeping) their digital presence where it needs to be in a space where best practices change routinely.

That’s why Full Media makes a great fit for these businesses. Their in-house team is comprised of specialists in the Internet marketing disciplines of search engine optimization and paid search marketing, as well as web designers, programmers and project managers. Full Media is able to lift full digital marketing workloads, so their clients can focus on what they do best.

Honing In on Health Care

Full Media is in the midst of sharpening its focus on the health care landscape. Spearheading that endeavor here in Chattanooga is Rachael Sauceman, Head of Strategic Initiatives for Full Media’s Internet Marketing team.

“Full Media has been serving as a digital marketing partner to health care organizations since day one,” she says. “Over time, we found that our health care clients kept organically investing more in digital consulting with us and we felt like we added unique value to those clients. It’s easy to get into the mindset of a patient and understand what they are looking for online, because we’ve all been patients before.”

Instead of simply diving into the health care scene, Full Media is taking an active role in cultivating it in Chattanooga. Earlier this year, Full Media joined Erlanger and Unum as partners in Co.Lab’s inaugural HealthTech Accelerator. Throughout the 10-week program, Full Media worked with each of the businesses that took part in the accelerator, helping them improve their web presence by providing feedback on technical issues with their websites, how they were communicating the value of their technology and giving actionable tips to improve their marketing strategy.

As Sauceman sees it, Full Media’s involvement gave the team an opportunity to not just capitalize on Chattanooga’s healthcare maturation, but to help catalyze it.

“Chattanooga is uniquely qualified to take on some of the big challenges in health care. We have an established innovation and startup community, a long history in providing excellent health care here, and we are poised to serve the health care markets in Nashville and Atlanta. With our new focus on health care, Full Media wants to be a part of that Chattanooga story of innovation and focus on solving real challenges in health care.”

Full Media’s Future

A hallmark of smart business is the ability to mobilize toward opportunity. Since launching, Full Media has helped small and mid-sized organizations grow through internet marketing and website development.

Now they’re leveraging that know-how to meet emerging needs and opportunities tied to Chattanooga’s evolving health care landscape.

Full Media made the decision to invest in Chattanooga nearly 10 years ago. It will be exciting to see where this new investment takes them and how it will benefit others in the business community.

David Martin is a co-founder of Heed Public Relations.

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