Why Leadership Chattanooga Needs You

Charlie McDaniel, Attorney at Law and Director of Operations, Legal Aid of East Tennessee

Chattanooga is moving forward – fast, and Leadership Chattanooga gives you a hand in shaping our community’s future.

Is it for you, you ask?

Leadership Chattanooga is for anyone who has looked around our city and felt inspired.

It’s for anyone who wants to have a lot of fun meeting 39 other interesting, passionate people from all walks of life.

It’s for anyone who has noticed something in our neighborhoods that could be better and wanted to help fix the problem.

Leadership Chattanooga’s approach to community issues is open and honest about the good and the bad. Meetings will challenge you personally and professionally, but challenges are always framed to encourage realistic positive action.

Getting the most out of Leadership Chattanooga requires a long, thoughtful look around as you dig into the program of monthly meetings and experiential small-group learning projects.

The 2017 class is ongoing, but thus far we’ve explored regional transportation planning, worked to better understand the negative effects of poverty and visited with local political leaders to gain insight into the realities of local government. During one recent meeting, we piled into a school bus to visit students, teachers and administrators across Hamilton County to learn about the opportunities and challenges they face.

There isn’t a business, non-profit or government entity that would not be well-served by making sure they are represented in the ranks of Leadership Chattanooga alumni.

The program is a backstage pass to our city – don’t wait to get to yours.

Leadership Chattanooga: A Brief History

Directed by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, and led by director Diane Parks since its inception in 1984, this 10-month program offers unique insight and access to community leaders on a scale and at a pace that would not otherwise be possible.

Leadership Chattanooga prepares local professionals to step into important business and civic leadership positions.

More than 1,200 of our area’s most influential, creative and impactful residents have graduated from this program.

Nominations for the 2017-18 class of Leadership Chattanooga accepted through March 3. Anyone can nominate, and self-nominations are accepted.

Once nominated, you’ll receive information on how to submit an application. Applications are due April 11.

Find out more at chattanoogachamber.com/leadership. Nominate here

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