Where will jobs be in 2020?: Chattanooga, According to Forbes

Vicky Valet, Forbes

Resolved to land a new job in the new year? Although the U.S. economy is 110 consecutive months into its record-breaking stretch of job gains and the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, hiring among employers in some areas is projected to soften. But that’s no reason to become one of the 80% of Americans who let their New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. You just have to be savvy about where to look. …

Workers would do well to set their sights on the South, where a seasonally adjusted net employment outlook of 22%, up from 21% last year and at its highest level since 2006, makes the region the nation’s most promising job market. Of the many Southern cities posting net employment outlooks well above the national average—among them Charleston, South Carolina, and Little Rock, Arkansas, both of which boast outlooks of 28%—none is set to offer more opportunity than Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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