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Business Trend is our Chattanooga Chamber’s flagship publication. We spotlight businesses in our region, share advice on working smarter and keep you updated on Chamber and economic development news. Business Trend contains two parts. Our print version is available in the last section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press’ EDGE monthly Magazine. Our online version is available right here, at ChattanoogaTrend.com, and in our Thursday Business Trend newsletter.

We’ve redesigned our Business Trend website as a one-stop platform for all Chamber-related content. The new redesign helps us share Chamber stories in many ways including articles, photos — and yes — even videos!

Here’s a list of FAQs on making the best out of your new website experience.

How do I search for my favorite articles?

Articles are easily found through our simple-to-use search bar at the top of the homepage. Search articles by keywords, or by the specific writers you like to read. You can also search articles by categories through the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Click drop-down menu in top right corner to search by category.
Or, type keywords in the search bar to the left.

How do I submit and stay updated on member news and notices?

Members who want to submit their press releases and announcements to our bi-monthly Bottom Lines newsletter can do so as PDFs through our submission portal at ChattanoogaChamber.com.

Also find more info on who we are within the footer menu.

Once published, you can view these announcements through the Member Notice page of ChattanoogaTrend.com — accessible by clicking “Member Notices” at the bottom of the website. You’ll also find information on where Chamber members can save around Chattanooga.

I’d like to contribute to Trend as a writer or sponsor. Where can I find information on editorial guidelines and sponsorship rates?

Trend is more than a platform, it’s a community coming together to share stories that uplift small businesses and grow our local economy. If you’re interested in contributing to Trend as a writer, content creator or sponsor, we invite you to read our website’s Editorial Content & Sponsorship page — accessible by clicking “Editorial & Advertising” at the bottom of the website.

Read through our editorial guidelines, find tips on how to write click-worthy articles, and learn what it takes to publish on Trend.

For a complete list of sponsorship rates, please contact the editor: Abdiel Vallejo-Lopez.

How do I subscribe to receive Trend in my inbox?

Our weekly Trend newsletter runs every Thursday morning. Thousands of loyal readers are already subscribed to receive our top three stories of the week directly in their inbox. Join our growing community by entering your email in the sign up box at the bottom of our website. Don’t forget to share your favorite stories and invite others to join.

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