Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Holtzhower, Southeast Diesel, Inc.

Amanda Ellis

Mike Holtzhower, General Manager at Southeast Diesel, Inc., hopes to encourage other small businesses, especially those in trades, to become involved with the Chamber’s career readiness programs for local students.

“I’m proud of my career and industry and the trades in general,” Holtzhower says. “Any time I can share that with future generations, it makes a difference. The trades have lost ground as an initial career choice for students and I want to help bring them back to the forefront. Many students have aptitude in those areas, but we need to tap into them.”

What’s been the most rewarding part of your volunteer experience with the Chamber?

Holtzhower: I met an East Ridge High School student through the Chamber’s Career Crunch program last year and worked with the school so he could co-op with us. He’s since gone on to Nashville Auto Diesel College to further his training and become a diesel technician.

Why should other professionals or companies in our community get involved?

Holtzhower: You are not only giving students perspective, but editing your own perspective. We get stuck in a rut from time to time in our day to day, but sharing what we do lights that fire again while also sparking something for students.

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