Video Marketing Game Plan Part 2: Producing Your Video

Kris Simmons

Remember the “4 Ps” of video production?:  Plan. Produce. Post. Promote. 

Now that you’ve completed the planning process for your video or video campaign, it’s time to actually produce the content. The first step is to develop a creative brief that outlines the type of video (or videos) you want to produce, what the video will be about, who your target audience is, what the video needs to accomplish, when the finished video needs to be completed, how soon you’d like to start the project, and what your budget is for production.

Providing as much information as possible to a video production agency before they submit a proposal to develop your video will ensure they fully understand the project scope and that their proposed solution will have the best chance of meeting or exceeding your goals.

Once you’ve received proposals or estimates for your video project, select the video production agency you feel will be the best fit not only for this project, but also for helping you accomplish your longer-term video marketing goals.

Whatever you do, don’t base your decision solely on which vendor offers the cheapest price. It’s not fun (or economical) to have to scrap a project, fire a vendor, then start all over with a new investment because you didn’t select the right partner in the first place. Trust me. It happens more often than you’d think. Total cost should certainly be a major factor in your decision-making process, but be sure to also consider the following questions before awarding the contract. 

  • Do they have extensive experience producing this type of video and/or working with other similar companies?
  • Do they understand your marketing goals and have the knowledge/experience necessary to help you accomplish them?
  • Do they have a good understanding of how your business or industry works?
  • Does quality of their previous work match the creative vision you have for your video(s)?
  • Have they been responsive up to this point when you’ve reached out to them for information?
  • Do they seem like they will communicate well and often throughout the production process?
  • Will they be easy to work with?
  • Are they excited about working with you or will you just be another notch on their belt?
  • Have others had great experiences working with them?
  • Are they willing (and able) to provide references that you can contact about their work?

After you’ve selected the right video agency partner and have successfully produced your video, it’s time to get it in front of your target audience so it can start working to help generate more revenue!

Check out part one of this article. 

Kris Simmons is the Executive Producer and CEO for 6 STRONG MEDIA, an award-winning video production and motion graphic design agency based in Chattanooga, Tennessee with clients located throughout the United States and Canada. 6 STRONG MEDIA offers turn-key video solutions and production support services for corporate marketing, advertising, training, and educational content needs. Learn more at


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