Transition of Private Sector Mission to FEMA Region 4

On behalf of the FEMA Region 4, External Affairs, Stakeholder Relations Team (FEMA R4 SRT), please accept our sincerest appreciation for your willingness to assist with our outreach initiatives and the sharing of critical disaster-related information. I’m writing today to let you know that our Private Sector mission in support of Tennessee’s (DR-4541-TN) recovery efforts for the April 12-13 tornadoes and storms in Bradley and Hamilton Counties has been completed. All of you have made it possible to disseminate vital disaster recovery information to a vast number of survivors in a very quick and effective manner.

We encourage you to be active in emergency preparedness planning going forward. The website provides access to many resources and tools to help in that effort. Also available on is the Business Continuity Planning Suite for those interested in tips to protect a business. We also invite you to use our Business Continuity PowerPoint Presentation. The presentation has tips on why and how to plan with preparedness tips for every budget, including Zero Dollar costs. It can be used to jumpstart or enhance your own emergency plan, and we encourage you to share it far and wide with your stakeholders.

With the conclusion of Private Sector outreach activities for the DR-4541-TN, I ask that you contact the FEMA R4 Stakeholder Relations Team. Karyn Swoopes is the Private Sector Liaison and Corinne Epstein is the Stakeholder Relations Team Lead. Karyn and Corinne will be available to assist with any information related to the impact of this incident. 

FEMA’s R4 SRT is responsible for engaging members of the private sector primarily for disseminating information before, during and after disasters. They send out preparedness messages and disaster specific information that can be shared with your members, employees and others on your distribution list. When warranted, they also send out Regional Private Sector Updates containing situational awareness for specific incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with the FEMA R4 SRT to receive and share any of these types of FEMA information, please contact Karyn or Corinne. We can tailor FEMA communications to best suit you. There is no charge to receive FEMA information, and you can opt out at any time. Here is the contact information for Karyn and Corinne.


Stakeholder Relations Team | External Affairs | FEMA Region 4


Karyn Swoopes

Private Sector Liaison

Office: (770) 220-8764 

[email protected]

Corinne Epstein

Stakeholder Relations Team Lead

Office: (770) 220-5696

[email protected]


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