COVID-19 Support from Local Experts

Chattanooga Chamber

To help you stay informed during the COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery, the Chattanooga Chamber has hosted more than 30 live video calls with local experts. 

From COVID-19 updates to business resources, we sat down with Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and countless other experts. Find all our resource videos here, below:

Update on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Need a crash course on the COVID-19 stimulus package?

On our first live call, the Chamber’s Vice President of Public Policy, Justin Groenert, breaks down the coronavirus stimulus package with Justin Furrow of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C.

Continuity Planning for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may be wondering what your next step should be. In this call, Greg Smith with the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management answers questions and discusses continuity planning for small businesses.

Chat with Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke

Last week, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency. In our conversation with him, we cover what's in the order, why these precautions are warranted and how our city is reacting to keep us safe.

SBA Disaster Loans

You have probably heard of the newly available SBA disaster loans. But what are they?

Lynn Chesnutt, Managing Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, joins us to discuss who qualifies, how to apply and what's covered.

COVID-19: Steps to Protect Your Business

Find out what you can do to make sure your finances are in good shape to weather this storm. Stuart McCallum with HHM Certified Public Accountants takes us through the steps your small business can take to financially protect itself.

Supplier Contracts

Autumn Witt Boyd from the AWB Firm talks about how to deal with supplier contracts when suppliers can't deliver on time.

COVID-19: Resources for Artists / Musicians 

When times get tough, Chattanooga knows how to show some love for its local artists. Stratton Tingle, Executive Director of SoundCorps, joins us to talk through the various assistance options for artists during the pandemic, including the ArtsBuild Artist Emergency Fund.

Legislative Update Part 2 

Justin Furrow with Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, and Justin Groenert with the Chamber discuss the latest developments surrounding COVID-19 legislation as it makes its way through Congress.

Blood Assurance 

Dr. Liz Culler and J.B. Gaskins join us to talk about the need for blood donations during this critical time.

COVID-19 Tax Implications

Kyle Bryant and Kevin Rose, founding partners of Market Street Partners, address COVID-19-related business finance questions, including tax filing extensions, employer tax credits, SBA loans and more.

Small Business Resources Including the Paycheck Protection Program

Lynn Chesnutt, Managing Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, is back, alongside Jim Vaughn, Chairman of the Chattanooga Chamber, to provide an update on small business resources.

How Businesses With A Remote Workforce Can Stay Cybersecure – Chattanooga Chamber and Elliott Davis 

As COVID-19 spreads, businesses across the U.S. adjust to a remote workforce. While this transition has been a challenge for all employees, it's even more challenging for the IT staff working diligently to offer technical support and assist employees, many who have never worked remotely. With the massive increase in remote workers comes a rise in cybercriminals looking to take advantage of unsecure networks and employees less focused on cybersecurity.

Online Advertising Grants and Programs for Small Businesses 

Kelsi Bell, Sarah Youbi and Andrew Barber with the Johnson Group discuss online advertising grants and programs for small businesses.

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals 

Jennifer Harper, Bridge Financial Planning discusses the financial impact of COVID-19 on individuals.

COVID-19: Financial Resources for Small Businesses 

Lynn Chesnutt, Tennessee Small Business Development Center, Jermaine Freeman, City of Chattanooga, and Dwayne Marshall, Community Foundation discuss SBA Loans, City Grants, Resilience Funds for nonprofits and more. This panel was moderated by Marcus Shaw, Co.Lab.

Local COVID-19 Legislation and Aid Package Update with Kerry Hayes & Justin Groenert

Kerry Hayes, Mayor Berke's Chief of Staff, updates us on local guidance related to COVID-19 and the latest on the Small Business Stabilization Fund. Justin Groenert, the Chamber's Vice President of Public Policy, will also provide updates on state and federal legislation related to the outbreak.

Crisis Communication with Q Strategies

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, most of us have been getting a crash course in crisis communications. Kelly Allen with Q Strategies shares recommendations and best practices for communicating when your employees, your company or the world are in crisis.

Rent Relief for Small Businesses with Ben Pitts & Amy Donahue 

Slowed or shut down businesses are experiencing serious cash flow issues, inhibiting their ability to pay rent and risking their existence. Cash flow issues for tenants quickly become cash flow issues for landlords. Ben Pitts & Amy Donahue outline some manageable solutions for both tenants and landlords, that will hopefully lead to a quicker recovery and rebound for both parties.

Update from Chamber CEO Christy Gillenwater

An update from our Chamber President and CEO.

Update from Senator Bo Watson

Update from Senator Bo Watson on the current state of Tennessee.

A Roundtable Discussion on Reopening

As we begin to look at reopening our local economy, the Chattanooga region finds itself in a unique position. With three different states represented in our region, and different guidelines coming from authorities at different levels of government, it can all be very confusing. We’ll be joined by April Priest with the Hamilton County Health Department and Mark Smith with Miller & Martin to provide an update on the most recent guidelines and orders, including recent guidelines that recommend certain precautions to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Funding Application Workshop

DeJuan Jordan with LAUNCH Chattanooga discusses funding applications and the information you need to apply quickly and correctly.

SBA Disaster Loans for Storm Damage Recovery

Julie Garrett and Kathy Cook with the U.S. Small Business Administration discuss financial aid available to businesses impacted by the storms in our area. They cover what aid is available, who qualifies, how to apply and more. 

The Paycheck Protection Program: Who Gets Audited? Why? And How to Protect Yourself

Now that many businesses have taken advantage of PPP loans, some are worried that they may be audited and have to defend their “need” at the time of the loan. Stuart McCallum with HHM CPAs walks us through the legal implications of the PPP, how likely are you to be audited and what steps can you take now to defend yourself. Justin Groenert, the Chamber’s Vice President of Public Policy, will also join us for a brief update on some of the rules regarding the PPP.

Update From Congressman Chuck Fleischmann

Congressman Fleischmann gives us an update on COVID-19 legislation and his outlook for our region.

Update From Representative Robin Smith 

Representative Robin Smith gives us an update on the economy and more.

On the Front Lines of the Fight Against COVID-19

Dr. Mark Anderson, an infectious disease specialist with CHI Memorial, joins us to talk about the spread of COVID-19 from a healthcare professional's perspective. He'll fill us in on how things are looking at our local hospitals, as well as what steps you can take to protect yourself and others as we reopen the economy.

Allergies or COVID-19?

It’s allergy season, and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between coronavirus symptoms and allergies. Dr. Marc Cromie and Dr. Todd Levin with the Chattanooga Allergy Clinic will walk us through the symptoms of both and help you determine if you need a COVID-19 test or an allergy test.

How Local Businesses Are Responding to COVID-19

Chris Ramsey and LaQuentin Jenkins, with Simple Choice PPE, join us to talk about their efforts to protect the community. When they're not distributing vitally-needed protective equipment, they are helping to make sure free COVID-19 testing is available to high-risk communities. Then, we’ll talk with Hugh Morrow from Ruby Falls about the steps he's taking to protect their patrons and employees as they open back up.

COVID-19 Relief Funding Still Available 

A panel of local experts discusses what financial assistance is still available to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, with a special focus on minority-owned businesses.

Rent Relief Program

Donna Williams, with the City of Chattanooga, joins us to talk through their new rent relief program. This ensures that residents who have lost their jobs or been furloughed can have up to three months of rent and utilities paid for.

Masks and Mandates

As businesses reopen and navigate what safety measures to implement, the difference between what is smart to do, what the law requires you to do, and what you might be liable for can be confusing. Justin Furrow with Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel and Consultant Mike Mallen join us to answer your questions and walk us through this confusing landscape. The content of this video should not be considered legal advice. As always, we recommend consulting a lawyer who has taken you on, personally, as a client.

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