Southside Council at Mainx24

Anne McNutt, Member Services Coordinator

Each year, the Southside Council participates in Mainx24, an annual 24-hour celebration of all things Southside with plenty of music, food, shopping and performances.

Dec. 3 this year — Mainx24 offers more than 100 events, including the World Heavy Weight Chili Championship. During the Chili Championship, the Southside Council hosts a table for decorating Christmas cookies.

Come decorate a cookie — a fun and free way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. The Southside Council will accept donations with proceeds supporting businesses and schools on the Southside. 

“The Southside Council’s goal is to get our members involved within the Southside, and to be a forum for sharing ideas and solving challenges to promote economic development and revitalization of the area. 

As a business leader, I’ve benefited from our monthly programs and the networking with other leaders and businesses of the Southside. The referrals I’ve received have helped grow my business.

The Chattanooga Chamber and my involvement with the Southside Council allows me to help others reach their potential and make a difference in the community. I love that I get to meet local decision makers and work to help make this city great.”

– Southside Council President Jeff Hollis, Vision Hospitality Group


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