Spotlight on: North Chattanooga Council

Anne Schwenke

Our new Hamilton County Superintendent Bryan Johnson says the community of Chattanooga is, “Complex, which makes it special and unique.”

We move Chattanooga forward through collaboration, shared investment and, most importantly, a shared vision for the future of our region.

This year, the North Chattanooga Council partnered with Rivermont Elementary in a workday to clean and redecorate classrooms in preparation for students to return in the fall. The Council transformed second grade teacher Barbara Crosslin’s classroom. The once bare walls are now colorful and cheery, and volunteers restructured the working space to inspire the students’ creativity and engagement.

“I was overwhelmed with renovating a classroom that hadn’t been used in 12 years,” Crosslin says. “I transferred to Rivermont, and when I was hired, our principal told me I couldn't see my room until she had volunteers repaint. I couldn't wait, of course, and left crying on my way home. I didn’t know how I was going to manage preparing a classroom and getting ready to teach a new grade level. When volunteers from the Downtown Council came in, I knew I was going to be okay. There is no way I could’ve finished my classroom without their help.” 

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