Spotlight On: East Brainerd Council

Anne McNutt, Member Services Coordinator

The Chattanooga Chamber’s East Brainerd Council meets monthly at the Car Barn, located near the center of East Brainerd. Each year, the Council’s Board of Directors create a business plan which maps out the year ahead and plans how the Council can engage in the community in the areas of education, charitable giving and representation of businesses.

The East Brainerd Council supports schools in the East Brainerd area through participating in career development programs such as Career Crunch and Get a Job, hosted by the Chamber. This year they also collected and donated furniture for Tyner Middle School’s atrium.

They support charitable giving goals by donating to organizations such as Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home and Love Without Reason.

Finally, the East Brainerd Council works hard to provide businesses with opportunities for networking and professional development through their monthly meetings, Council coffees and by attending ribbon cuttings for new businesses. Getting involved with the East Brainerd Council means playing an active role in the success of the entire area.  

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