Spotlight On: Downtown Council

Anne McNutt, Member Services Coordinator

The Chamber’s Downtown Council serves as a catalyst for public discussion informing our community of upcoming developments and changes in our area. Additionally, the Downtown Council aids in identifying key issues affecting local businesses, striving to create and implement solutions. As Chattanooga continues to see change and development, driving new economic growth involves dialogue with both existing businesses and elected officials.

The Downtown Council hosts a public City Council candidate meet and greet and mayoral candidate forum Feb. 2, 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center. The meet and greet will highlight all candidates running for City Council. The moderated discussion following the meet and greet highlights Chattanooga Mayor candidates as they discuss their positions on specific issues important to the future of our city.

“We want to bring downtown stakeholders together to hear from those who will representing our community,” says Joey Greer, Downtown Council President. “Developing relationships with our elected representatives helps further growth for all of Chattanooga, not just our footprint.”

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