Scenic City Neurotherapy Champions Mental Health

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Good help is hard to find.” This idiom rings even more true when seeking mental health resources. Mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress are some of the leading causes of disability worldwide and finding the best-fitting treatment can often delay relief. One Chattanooga clinic is changing the way people think about mental health with break-through methods aimed at alleviating chronic pain and offering peace of mind.

Chattanooga native Charles Miller, CRNA, opened Scenic City Neurotherapy in 2019 to bring novel, brain-optimizing therapies to those struggling with treatment-resistant mood disorders and chronic pain. Specializing in ketamine infusion and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapies, the clinic offers a timely path to relief. In three years, Scenic City Neurotherapy has become one of the nation’s top clinics and boasts recognition as the first ketamine clinic in the world to serve as a clinical site for a graduate-level anesthesia program through a collaboration with The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Logo courtesy of Scenic City Neurotherapy

Recently, this Chamber business member introduced the community to a new brand, tagline and website that better showcases its community ties and treatment options. The new logo incorporates local iconographies outlined within a brain – accompanying the rebrand is the clinic’s slogan, “Here to provide better.”

Miller and his team of medical professionals are celebrating the clinic’s upcoming anniversary with a modern look that positions them for years to come. We sat down with Miller to discuss the clinic’s therapies, his decision to rebrand and what’s next in mental health treatment for Chattanooga.

Charles Miller, Scenic City Neurotherapy

TREND: Why Chattanooga?

Miller: I have lived in Chattanooga my entire life. In fact, I was born at Erlanger hospital. I completed my graduate work in Nashville, then returned to Chattanooga because this is home. When we decided to open up Scenic City Neurotherapy, we were excited about bringing break through novel treatments for chronic conditions to the Tennessee Valley. We are Chattanooga’s first dedicated ketamine infusion center and the first to offer TMS with StimGuide mapping.

Psychotherapy and physical therapy goes further than it ever has before when paired with our treatments. We meet each patient where they are and, through tailored care plans and treatments, help them finally reach their goals. Our patient education is an integral piece of our success. Scenic City Neurotherapy is able to report some of the highest rates of remission of depressive symptoms in the country. This is because our process adheres to the highest standards laid out in the research and peer-reviewed literature, and that is why neuro regenerative therapies exist.

TREND:What is the Clinic’s community vision?

Miller: Our long-term goal for the community is to help transform Chattanooga’s mental health programs into the envy of the world. We want to provide access to best-practice care for anyone that could benefit — not only those who can afford it. We strive to ensure our process is accessible to every individual who walks through our doors. No one is ever turned away due to financial limitations. Chattanooga is at the forefront of technologies, such as the EPB Fiber Optic network and much more. I believe Chattanooga is unique when compared to other cities. The people here love their city. Adding better options for mental and physical health to the list of things Chattanooga does better than everywhere else will further lift up our entire community.

TREND: What is next for Scenic City Neurotherapy?

Miller: Right now, we are exploring new locations on the north side of Chattanooga. We are working with local community leaders, psychotherapy experts and others who support our vision to improve access not only to our services, but also to psychotherapy, physical therapy and other self-improvement resources, as to remove the financial burden from selfcare.

We have supported the opening of three clinics in the eastern United States, and we remain excited to share our knowledge and expertise in this unique space. We provide free provider education about our services to ensure that people know what we do and why we do it.

We are in a very exciting time in medicine, specifically mental health treatment. We are moving away from symptom management and toward treating the disease — such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, to name a few. Things that were once considered chronic illnesses are no longer life sentences, which is another reason why we make our education available to anyone who cares to learn. Further, our patient consultations are free of cost as well. There is no obligation to sign up; there is no hard sell. I believe that when people are educated, they are able to make well-informed decisions, have better outcomes and achieve greater long-term remission of symptoms.

Learn more about Scenic City Neurotherapy by visiting their website, here.

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