Rock City Unveils New Solar Arbor

A new solar arbor was unveiled at Rock City, earlier this month. Community members came together to celebrate the completion of this project which promises to reduce energy consumption and enhance educational opportunities for the park. The project was made possible in collaboration with EPB and Seven States Power Corporation who began constructing the solar-powered canopy in August of this year. The solar arbor is now powering the ticket plaza at the facility’s entrance, enhancing the availability of sustainable power and offering Rock City visitors the opportunity to learn about clean energy.

“The Rock City Innovation Team, comprised of amazing craftsmen and artists who own our legacy and brand, were the perfect leaders for us in this important project. They understand our need for continual guest enhancements, while committing to sustainable methods that prioritize the natural wonders of Rock City Gardens. The new solar arbor on our ticket plaza sets the tone beautifully for guests who visit,” said Susan Harris, President and CEO, Rock City.

The solar arbor provides a covered gathering area for guests while generating approximately 16,800 kWh of renewable energy every year — enough to power 40 refrigerators or 3,200 cell phones for an entire year, Rock City reports.

Lightwave Solar served as the contractor for the canopy’s construction. The solar arbor continues Chattanooga’s example of serving as a beacon for renewable energy in the Southeast.

Learn more about Rock City, here.

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