Roadtec Announces $6 Million Investment in Chattanooga Operations

Roadtec, a leading manufacturer of asphalt pavers used for the building of roads and highways, is making a major investment into its manufacturing operations. Roadtec, a subsidiary of Astec Industries, Inc., will invest $6 million for improvements and expansion at its Chattanooga plant, creating 128 new jobs in Hamilton County over the next five years. 

“This is a great way to start off the month of May, an expansion by one of our legacy companies! We are delighted Roadtec will be adding 128 new employees to its existing workforce of 379 full-time employees,” says Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger. “Roadtec’s $6 million dollar investment will upgrade and improve the Hamilton County plant over the next five years; we wish them continued success.” 

“Our vision is about building connections whether it’s to our customers, employees or the communities where we operate. We have enjoyed a strong partnership with the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County. We look forward to strengthening that connection and bringing more growth and opportunity to the area,” says Barry Ruffalo, president and CEO of Astec Industries, Inc. 

Roadtec’s expansion will update the paint booth, expand air filtering systems, move tooling and fixtures, add warehouse racking to support additional inventory, add additional parking, improve software capacity for security systems and add employees.  

“We really appreciate Roadtec's continued investment in their Chattanooga operations and look forward to seeing the economic impact of this expansion in our area as the demand for their innovative machinery continues to rise,” says Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. 

Roadtec began construction on their facilities in February 2021 and will continue making upgrades throughout the five-year project period.  

“We are excited to see Roadtec’s continued investment in Chattanooga and Hamilton County,” says Steve Hiatt, Director of Existing Business Development, Chattanooga Chamber. “Keeping legacy companies like Roadtec is a direct result of strong community partnerships between EPB, ECD and TVA.” 

Since 2015, the Chattanooga Chamber has assisted with new business locations and expansions totaling over $2.3 billion in investments and over 7,500 jobs.   

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