Requesting Shot Records from the Health Department

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN – Requesting shot records from the Hamilton County Health Department just got easier with their new online portal.

Parents are required to provide proof of immunizations for all children entering daycare and K-12 schools.  This is done by having an up to date Tennessee Immunization Certificate. These certificates can be obtained through a child’s doctor or the Health Department.

“With school starting again, many parents find themselves needing an updated school immunization form for their child,” said Pediatric Clinic Program Manager and Registered Nurse Esther Layne.  “Due to the high number of record requests, we have adjusted our request process to help expedite access to vaccine records and make the process easier for parents.”

To request a completed shot record or Immunization Certificate, go to the Health Department’s website at ( and follow the basic instructions.   You will need to provide your child’s full name and date of birth along with some additional information.  

Vaccination requirements are important tools for maintaining high vaccination rates, which in turn, lower the rates of vaccine-preventable diseases in our community.  All school related vaccine requirements and exemptions can be found on the Tennessee Department of Health’s website.  

Due to COVID-19, many of the routine ‘back-to-school’ processes have been interrupted and altered. This includes the temporary limited availability of immunization services currently provided by the Health Department. 

Parents without internet access can call the Health Department’s Pediatric Clinic at 423-209-8050 (press option 1).

For more information about immunizations or the portal process, please call the Health Department’s Pediatric Clinic at 423-209-8050 or visit the website.

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