Q&A with Jason Richardson, franchise owner of Money Pages

For most families, coupons are ubiquitous; they're staples of mailboxes and Sunday morning papers in homes across the country. But unlike other ever-present marketing tools (think: pesky telemarketing calls) coupons haven't fallen out of style. It's because coupons work; they help families and individuals save money on items they need or want. And saving money is always a good thing.

But as helpful as they are, traditional coupons tend towards larger chain stores, with less emphasis on local, small businesses.  

Money Pages, a coupon magazine with a homebase in the Southeast, fills that gap. After four years of offering franchising opportunities, Money Pages comes to Chattanooga.

Jason Richardson, franchise owner of Chattanooga's Money Pages publication, saw the venture as a way to help his community. As with the other cities in which Money Pages can be found, the Chattanooga version of the publication is specific to small and local businesses within our area. 

You can read about Money Pages, and what Richardson saw in the publication that made him want to bring it to Chattanooga, below. 

TREND: Tell me a little about Money Pages. What sparked your interest and what is different about it?

Jason Richardson: I love Chattanooga and what’s going on here with small businesses. I worked in the nonprofit industry for the last 10 years, and I decided it was time for me to purchase a business. I looked at 20 franchise models and Money Pages was the one I landed on. I love the support they provide. But what really drew me was being in sales. With Money Pages, I felt I could help businesses in the Chattanooga area grow by bringing them new clients.

TREND: Is there a specific way Money Pages can help you accomplish your goal of helping people and businesses?

Richardson: Money Pages is a great source for someone who wants to get in front of families. We are mailing out to 60,000 hand-targeted homes; that’s ideal for anyone who owns a business in the service industry. It’s a great, targeted way for business owners to get in front of the people they want to bring in to their business.

TREND: Has there been a lot of interest?

Richardson: There has been. We’re gearing up to publish our first issue within the next couple of weeks. It’s full and ready to go to print.

TREND: For those who may be interested, are there options for receiving these coupons electronically?

Richardson: Yes. Coupons will go to mailboxes, but they will also go to our Money Pages app.

TREND: Is there anything else you're excited about?

Richardson: We’re excited to have the Chattanooga Lookouts on our first edition’s cover. We’re going to have a night at the Lookouts where we will throw out the first pitch.  And UTC will be on the cover of the next issue. 

For more information about Money Pages in Chattanooga, visit their website

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