NOVONIX CEO Shares Insights Into LGES Agreement

NOVONIX recently entered a joint research and development agreement (JDA) with LG Energy Solutions (LGES) to develop an artificial graphite material for LG batteries.

NOVONIX’s anode division in Chattanooga will produce the required parts for LG, helping them expand local supply chains for battery components.

With support from LGES, NOVONIX aims to establish a strong and sustainable supply chain for high-performance artificial graphite in North America. The company was awarded a $150 million grant by the Department of Energy to facilitate its expansion, highlighting the U.S. government’s dedication to the battery supply chain sector.

In a recent interview, NOVONIX CEO, Chris Burns, shared his insights into this agreement and the anticipated impact it will have on Chattanooga.

TREND: With mass production expected to begin in 2026, what do the next three years look like for NOVONIX?

BURNS: The next few years for NOVONIX, specifically our Anode Materials division in Chattanooga, will be focused on building out capacity at our Riverside facility while constructing our next facility.

Riverside will bring online 10,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of production capacity at full operations and is planned to begin delivery of materials to KORE Power next year.

Our next site will add an incremental 30,000 tpa of production capacity aligned with our expected customers’ demand by 2025. Beyond that, we’re looking toward a target of 150,000 tpa of total production capacity in North America by 2030.

We’re still in the process of evaluating sites for that project, but there might be some news later this year or early next.

We’re also focused on some of the other needs of the battery industry with our Battery Technology Solutions division in Nova Scotia, and the demonstration of our cathode synthesis technology at pilot scale this year.

TREND: How do you anticipate the agreement with LGES will impact regional growth?

BURNS: The material for our joint development agreement with LGES will be developed at NOVONIX’s Riverside facility in Chattanooga, with mass production expected to commence in 2026 from our next site.

Currently, we’re set to supply LGES with 5,000 tonnes per year of our artificial graphite for a 10-year term. There is opportunity to increase our sales volumes to LGES due to their significant local demand for materials. So, the potential for more business being brought into the region is definitely there.  

TREND: Where do you hope the development of the battery industry goes from here?

BURNS: Creating a fully sustainable domestic battery supply chain for North America is what we’re looking to accomplish for the future, and I hope the industry and government continue to support this goal.

NOVONIX is just one company in a very big landscape of materials manufacturers, OEMS, cell manufacturers and government agencies that support this early phase of the global battery industry.

We’re very committed to our mission of establishing a localized battery supply chain as well as supporting the entire industry in our journey to make high-performance batteries across a spectrum of applications.

Learn more about the NOVONIX and LGES agreement, here.

Read about the NOVONIX Future Ready Institute, here.

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