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Sybil Topel

More Chattanooga Chamber members read their news online than ever before. Just ask Google. If you're the type of person who likes to check facts, chances are you looked that up with your smart phone to make sure we know what we're talking about.


To better serve members and extend the Chamber's reach to global economic development prospects, our Communications team announces new platforms to make better business connections faster.


Business Trend magazine

Just like you, we still enjoy holding a real magazine in our hands. Soon you'll see more member features, news and long-form articles in print – and online – 12 times a year – three times more often than before. Business Trend will appear every month in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and Edge magazine and you can find the features and insights you've come to know and love here, starting in July.


Team focus on Digital and Social Media Platforms

@CHAChamber. In the past few months, we've created more content for members and investors – and our numbers show you are interacting with us more often on more platforms than ever before. Our solid Facebook following showed excellent growth in numbers and reach and Twitter (@CHAChamber) gained new followers – this is the go-to place for news on events. We convene more than 200 events a year – seven major ones.


On the online business stalwart known as LinkedIn, you can find us in two places – our company page and the more interactive discussion group, where we talk about everything from new media to new job postings.


For the first time, we stepped into the visual world of Instagram (@CHAChamber) and if you haven't tried it, we invite you to join us there soon. (It's where the cool kids are, when they're not on Snapchat or another platform they won't tell us about yet.) 


Are you an entrepreneur? Know one who wants to move here? We offer new pages for that:


@INCubatorCHA (Twitter)

INCubator (Facebook)


What's working and why? We'd like to believe our savvy members are teaching us a thing or two. And then there's teamwork. With more than 200 events a year, it takes a team to make sure members are highlighted in all the ways that help them increase brand recognition and connect them with prospects. Our interdepartmental team serves all of our business programs, including our diversity and inclusion initiatives, economic development, membership, leadership, workforce development and public policy.


The more you share with us, the more we can and will share with others. We like you too. We follow back. We RT (retweet – but you knew that.)


What else is new?

We are beta-testing a mobile app that promises to put the Chamber membership directory at your fingertips, wherever you and your smart phone go.


More Tube Time

It's summer and who doesn't like to go tubing on the river? Oh, not that kind. Seriously, we predict more video/digital success stories about members making news, as well as videos from major Chamber events such as the Spirit of Innovation and Small Business Awards.

Please subscribe to our YouTube Chamber channel so you won't miss a single one of our “Get Inspired Stories” or a chance to share with friends. Members can also embed video links in their own websites.


Yes, you can advertise to Chamber members and investors via our online content

We are introducing more ways to advertise and our current ad opportunities include a sustainability website sponsorship. Reasonable rates. Join green|spaces, UT-Chattanooga and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee in sharing how you conserve, LEED the way and keep our city and county natural treasures pristine for the next generation. With all new content in one spot, local sustainability experts spent three months putting together the background stories of how to make sustainable business decisions. To advertise contact Sybil Topel at [email protected].


Opportunities to advertise in our weekly newsletter Bottom Lines and on other specific web pages are also under consideration.


Thanks for reading. See you at our next event, online or in that fabulous Instagram shot you're now inspired to post. We can't wait to “like” a pic of you and your folks.

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