Metro Services Champions Sustainability

Metro Services, Incorporated specializes in the fabrication and design of combustion engineering renovations and specialties, HVAC, solar energy and mechanical contracting services. MSI is also a distributor of burners, blower and gas boosters, control panels, flame monitoring systems, heat exchangers, HVAC equipment, mixers and vaporizers, measurement and controls, regulators, shut-off and control valves and valve trains.

MSI also champions renewable and sustained energy sources. By leading the way in this area, MSI hopes to help others lower their carbon footprint, optimize their HVAC and combustion systems, capture and utilize waste heat as well as generate power and heat from solar and wind sources. Licensing and/or accreditation through LEED,  the Association of Energy Engineers,  the US Green Building Council, NABCEP, Energy Star and others prove that MSI is serious about this commitment. 

Under the guidance of Bill Norton, new owner and president, MSI has expanded into global markets.

One customer, Palziv, a multinational foam manufacturer headquartered in Israel, is the first company selected by the Israeli government to convert from propane to natural gas. This is a pioneering effort – Israel has never before in its history used natural gas in the private sector. As a result, Israel has no rules or regulations in place to facilitate a smooth transition. Palziv and DTO Gas Energy (Israeli Gas Consultants) and Israeli government officials appraoched MSI for help developing rules and regulations for this process. MSI works directly with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and is fabricating gas equipment that will allow Palziv to run either fuel as needed.

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