Meet Chattanooga Chamber Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the frontline and face of the Chattanooga Chamber. These volunteers attend ribbon cuttings and maintain contact with other Chamber members through phone calls and visits. Meet three of our outstanding Ambassadors here – Cortney Hewitt, Nikki Rozzel and Jeff Lynn. 

Trend: What inspires you in your work?

Cortney Hewitt (Jay Hudson Homes): “God, family, connections, drive and a passion for what I do inspire me every day with my career. Knowing I am where God wants me so that I can help my family. The blessings I receive by making new connections and reconnecting with others in Chattanooga to help us grow as a community. Drive and passion for my career to keep learning and giving my best.”

Nikki Rozzel (Grandview): “The Chattanooga wedding community inspires me. When a group of vendors come together to make a vision a reality. Chattanooga’s eclectic choice in venues offer vendors the ability to showcase their work. Couples have a wide variety of vendors when searching for the perfect venue, florist, caterer, baker, DJ, photographer or whatever their needs may be while planning a wedding in the Chattanooga area.”

Jeff Lynn (Farmers Insurance): “I am inspired to help my clients feel good about their insurance. When I can help a customer understand why insurance is important and then have them feel that their exposure to a potentially financially devastating loss can be minimized, then I feel I’ve done my job.”

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