Mark C. Pope: Clean More, Worry Less

Holly Bonner

As COVID-19 cases rise across the country, businesses everywhere are taking extra precautions to protect the well-being of their clients and the community. Many remain open to provide essential services and boost the local economy. Along with following the mask mandate, Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. recommends that business owners explore a new cleaning innovation, High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology. In an interview with Mark C. Pope, Territory Sales Manager Brad Kendrick gives us more details about the Titan Airless Sprayer and how it helps fight against COVID-19.

TREND: Can you tell me about how Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. got started?

Kendrick: Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. was founded in 1950 as the Southeast Distributor of forklift batteries and chargers. MCP now operates as three separate business units that distribute industrial products to businesses throughout the United States. Each of these business units operate independently with a focus on forklift batteries and chargers, commercial/industrial cleaning equipment and ground power equipment. 

Mark C. Pope is one of Nilfisk Advance’s largest dealerships in the United States, supporting areas in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. MCP has been an authorized dealer for Advance for over 35 years. We have mobile technicians and territory managers strategically located to provide excellent service and support. Nilfisk Advance is the only manufacturer that we use allowing us to provide better response times, lower cleaning costs and a more experienced support staff. Our technicians are Gold certified through Advance and our mobile inventory is focused on supporting the Advance line of equipment. However, we are well versed in all commercial and industrial cleaning equipment service and repair and can help you with our competitor’s equipment if needed.

Our territory managers are focused entirely on supporting you with your commercial and industrial cleaning needs. With a singular focus on the commercial and industrial cleaning product line, our value-added services allow us to satisfy the needs and demands of all customers. Mark C. Pope offers a vast array of products and services including: parts, mobile service, detergents, disinfectants/sanitizers, disinfectant sprayers, rental equipment, new and used equipment as well as industrial vacuums and industrial pressure washers. 

TREND: MCP recently released its new HEA technology. Can you explain how that works?

Kendrick: To keep essential businesses operating, Nilfisk/Advance has teamed with Titan Tool to help bring solutions to our customers and their fight against COVID-19. It was necessary for us to be able to offer solutions that allowed our customers to keep their employees and customers safe as well. 

Titan Airless Sprayers are proven to maximize productivity when spraying disinfectants in both commercial and industrial applications. They provide higher production rates to complete disinfectant jobs faster and with better coverage, while also delivering maximum ROI through inexpensive equipment and ease of maintenance. 

TREND: How long has HEA technology been available?

Kendrick: Airless spray technology can be traced back as early as 1958. The innovative process revolutionized the painting industry. It was most notable for using high pressure during painting applications, typically 2000 PSI or more, creating billowing clouds of overspray. HEA technology was introduced within the last year.  

TREND: How does this new technology help fight against COVID-19?

Kendrick: First let me explain how it works. Airless spray technology relied on back pressure to force material through an orifice to create atomization at a high pressure. HEA technology relies on turbulence prior to the orifice to allow for low pressure atomization minimizing overspray by up to 65% or more. The HEA tip technology creates larger droplet sizes to allow for better transfer efficiency and “wetting” of substrates. Droplet size averages between 20-30 microns. Titan offers the best equipment for the job with flow rates from 0.47 GPM to 1.25 GPM, while maintaining low-pressure settings ranging anywhere from 500-1200 PSI. 

The HEA technology used in combination with the Titan HEA tips:

  • Reduces over spray clouds while producing a spray pattern like a mister or a handheld spray application machine. With atomization, at an average droplet size of about 30 microns, larger particles do not hang in the air indefinitely and will settle on to the surface to create the proper dwell time for the disinfectant. 
  • Helps you gain increased production as the sprayers can pull directly from 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon and tote containers. You eliminate the need to continually refill the machine. 
  • The sprayer is capable of supporting line length of up to 300’-400’, depending the model. Again, increasing production due to a single material station and the ability to walk the project with only a gun. 
  • The sprayer is also capable of supporting multiple lines depending the model. Large disinfectant projects can be completed quicker with multiple lines and multiple sprayers. 
  • Our technology is lab tested and proven for spraying disinfectant materials. Specifically, it’s proven to spray select EPA “List N” solutions for use against the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19. 
  • The spray gun is easy to maneuver in those hard to reach areas. Built in ergonomics keep you spraying longer with more comfort. 

TREND: You’ve already mentioned the Titan Airless Sprayer. What other cleaning devices do you recommend? 

Kendrick: Commercial and/or industrial cleaning equipment is an investment that requires research and planning. Choosing the wrong machine can affect labor costs, maintenance costs, operating costs and down-time. There are several variables to be considered when choosing your cleaning equipment: total square footage of the facility, cleanable square footage, aisle width, floor condition, type of floor, debris to be cleaned, usage frequency, your labor rate and the initial purchase price of the machine. Skipping straight to the purchase price without considering any other variables could impact your cost of ownership. 

In addition to the Titan Airless Sprayer, we offer a full line of innovative floor cleaning machines, industrial vacuums, industrial pressure washers, detergents and disinfectants to help protect those most important to you. Contact Mark C. Pope today to schedule a risk-free, no-cost site analysis of your office or facility. Our goal is to help protect your investment while helping to minimize your total cost of ownership. Our product offering can be found here.

TREND: What other advice do you have for businesses trying to prevent the spread of germs?

Kendrick: We suggest deferring to the CDC guidelines regarding the frequency of cleaning. 

TREND: How have your operations changed during the pandemic? 

Kendrick: Fortunately, the employees at Mark C. Pope have remained essential. With each of our three independent business units having customers that are critical to helping keep our economy active, we have been able to continue to offer service and support. 

However, the day-to-day operations have changed significantly, as did the rest of the world's. First and foremost, the CDC guidelines have become a crucial piece of our daily SOP, sales and office personnel have been encouraged/allowed to work from home when possible and temperature checks and masks have become a part of our daily routine.

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