Local Artist Collaboration Debuts at Chattanooga Chamber

Chattanooga, Tenn. — Controlled-Chaos-Controlled, a local artist collaboration, debuts at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, Sept. 13 during Chattanooga’s Artist Appreciation Week 2016 (AAW).

Middle Tennessee-based artist W. Michael Bush created the Controlled-Chaos-Controlled concept. The project consists of individual mixed-media original artworks by different artists pieced together almost like a quilt, but on canvas. Bush developed the canvas layout for his final design based on one of our city’s most iconic images.

Earlier this year, Bush collaborated with gallery director Keeli Crewe at Area 61 Gallery, where he shows and sells his work, to recruit local artists to participate in the project.

During the initial “Controlled” phase, Bush — the “Controller,” loosely painted guiding lines on a 7-by-3 foot panel to define the final concept. He then duplicated it on another canvas, cut it into 1-foot panels and distributed them to 21 local artists to launch the “Chaos” phase. None of the participating artists knew what the end design would be as they created their individual panels. They were encouraged to create freely but to incorporate and preserve the lines to assist Bush in reassembly during the final “Controlled” phase.

W. Michael Bush and most of the participating artists will be available during the project debut. The final piece will remain on display in the Chattanooga Chamber’s main conference room until early 2017, when it auctions to benefit a local nonprofit arts organization or project to be selected by participating artists.

AAW 2016 is Sept. 10-16, sponsored by Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s office and Friends of Local Artists and Galleries (FLAG), a local artists’ association.

More information here. See W. Michael Bush’s work here.

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