Let’s #MaskUpCHA

Hamilton County announced last week that it will follow a mask mandate until Sept. 8. Mayor Jim Coppinger issued the mandate after the county set a new single-day record for COVID-19 cases for the fourth time in two weeks.

“Everyone in Hamilton County, which includes the City of Chattanooga, will be required to wear a face mask in public. There is unanimous consensus by the medical community that wearing a face mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19,” Mayor Andy Berke says. 

The city mayor agreed with the decision, declaring that “we’ve got to do better.”

“Mayor Jim Coppinger has done the right thing by issuing a mask mandate for our community. I appreciate his leadership here and we’ll do everything we can to make sure this directive is followed. Our health depends on it,” Berke says.

As cases rise, city officials urge the community to take the mask mandate seriously. Last week alone, Hamilton County saw more than 400 new cases and 6 deaths. 

“I know people are tired of talking about COVID-19, and trust me, I’m ready to talk about new things too. But it would be a disservice to dismiss the dire impact this pandemic is having on Chattanoogans,” Berke says. “In the last month, we have seen this virus claim the lives of infants, small children, senior citizens and otherwise healthy adults.”

The city launched a social media challenge, #MaskUpCha, to rally the community’s support and create camaraderie in an uncertain time. To participate, post a selfie of yourself on Facebook or Twitter wearing a mask and use the hashtag. 

“We’re all in this together, and I know that Chattanoogans will do what we need to do to keep each other safe and healthy,” Berke says.

Visit here to learn more about the mask mandate. 

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