Legacybox launches partnership with East Ridge High School and Brainerd High School

In our continued focus on talent development, we are excited to share an update about our newest partner in work-based learning, Legacybox. Launched in January, Legacybox is partnering with East Ridge High School and Brainerd High School to host 18 students on-site who are engaged in an immersive work-based learning program. The students are paid $15 an hour by the local media conversion company where they work on schoolwork in the morning and for the company in the afternoon.


Legacybox Co-founder, Nick Macco, went a step further by building out a brand new hub for the students, ensuring their experience with Legacybox was top notch. While talent development for the company is an added benefit, Macco has stated that this is both about philanthropy and ensuring these students are set up for future success. Read more about Legacybox and this partnership here.

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