Introducing a New Product or Service to Your Customers?

Monty Wyne, Senior Copywriter, Maycreate

Let’s say you’re a small to medium–sized business getting ready to launch an exciting new product or service. You’ve researched this new product or service and determined there’s a market for it. You have an audience in mind but might need to know more about them. You also feel pretty confident in what you’d like to say to this audience but aren’t sure of the best way to say it. And, you’re probably wondering about the most effective ways you can reach them.

These are the keys to creating, initiating and running a successful marketing campaign.

Before we share a real life example, let’s add one more component — your deadline, which happens to be fast approaching. You don’t want to miss it but at the same time you don’t want to leave any base uncovered prior to launching this considerable effort. So, what does it take?

The client, in this instance, is the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. They were preparing to launch new non-stop service to Chicago and New York City. The deadline for the launch was four short weeks away. There were two audiences: the business traveler and those traveling for leisure.

Two distinct groups with different needs, however, they share a desire for both convenience and ease. The last thing they want is inconvenient parking, long security lines and the hassle of changing planes.

Behind every successful marketing campaign is an idea focused on a unique consumer benefit. That idea must be brought to life through a creative concept and advertising executions that are representative of the brand personality and the brand’s voice, and hopefully have an emotional connection. In this case, it was a playful blue heart that stood between the words, I and NON-STOP or “I Love Non-Stop.” This became a memorable tagline that conveyed the joy of traveling from the Scenic City to the Big City without the hassle of changing planes.  

Once the tagline and campaign logo had been approved, we completed an identity package, which included color palette, logo design, specific typefaces and all the layout standards. After that, it was deciding which media would do the best job of reaching the two audiences.

Airport signage, outdoor, print, social media, radio and a microsite were created and produced for the campaign, all within the tight deadline. Granted, you may not have the budget to cover a multi-media campaign, but you can decide, based on your audience, which media might be the most effective. If it’s in the budget, consider reaching out to an advertising agency that can assist you with your campaign introduction. You can work with them on a project basis.

The microsite developed for the Airport made the perfect touch point for their audiences. Not only was it the ideal portal for travelers to access flight information and make reservations, but it also allowed for helpful and entertaining “Dos and Don'ts,” when visiting the two cities. This information was easily accessed through their smartphones. If a microsite isn’t in the budget, eblasts and social media are good options as well. Signage with unique, attention-getting messaging is also a good idea. It’s big, visible and can create beneficial word-of-mouth.

Introducing a new product or service to your customers takes thought and preparation. Determining the essential benefit, addressing that benefit with unexpected and memorable messaging, identifying appropriate and effective media and meeting your deadline are the key elements to any successful introduction. Are you ready?

This story is an excerpt from an earlier article that appeared in Maycreate’s monthly blog. To read it, visit Click on August 2016 under Archives.

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