IMAX Screen Installation Underway

Amanda Ellis


The construction project at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater moves one big step closer to completion. Workers moved the 900 pound screen from the IMAX Great Hall and carried the gigantic roll into the theater. Once inside, the crew of 26 pivoted the screen along one wall and unrolled the 89-by-66 foot screen across the theater seating.

Then 10 pull ropes lifted the screen into place. According to IMAX technicians who choreographed this massive job, this represents one of the smoothest screen installations they’ve ever supervised.

See the time-lapse video here

Next, technicians will stretch the screen onto the six-story frame, then the theater will be warmed to above normal temperatures for 24 hours, and the stretching and tightening repeated. Technicians will begin testing the new IMAX 4K laser projectors once the screen is taut.

The Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater will reopen February 1 with an 11-day film festival featuring eight 3D films  re-mastered for the new IMAX. Film fans can purchase the new Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Club Pass to see all eight films and an unlimited number of 45-minute 3D films for one full year for just $40. 

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