How to Increase Your Trade Show ROI with Video

Mandy Senn

Heading to a trade show this year? Here are some tips to help you incorporate video to pack an extra punch. 

Before the Trade Show 

All the fun doesn’t have to happen at the event. Get started early! Video via email can be a great way to let your clients and prospects know that you will be at the show. Give viewers a taste of your product, learn where your booth is located and invite them to get in touch or schedule a meeting during or after the show.

If your company is hosting a panel, talk or special event during the conference, make sure to give some background on key takeaways, along with the time and place of the presentation. That way, they’ll be prepared, and ready to engage.

Create event buzz by sharing your promo video on your website, social media and email communications. As you promote, be strategic about your audience. Tailor your messaging when speaking directly to attendees, and broaden your scope when communicating to a larger audience.

It’s Show Time

How do you compete with all the other “noise” taking place during the show? How do you stand out in the crowd of vendors vying for the attention of wandering attendees? Using video in your booth can help you standout while offering prospects a quick, visual introduction to what your product or service is about.

When setting up your booth, make sure you have a large screen that’s positioned to be easily accessible to viewers. Keep it elevated to expand your reach and attract attendees from a distance.

When producing your video, remember the five second rule of thumb. You only have five seconds to capture someone’s attention as they walk by your booth. Your video needs eye-catching visuals, a distinct branded color scheme, readable text and a clear goal. Trade shows are noisy, so you don’t need to focus on a voiceover or music.  For trade shows, it’s all about the imagery.

Now What?

You’ve invested a lot of money into your trade show booth. You significantly grew your email list at the show. Now what? 

These new contacts won’t count for much unless you follow up in a timely manner. Whether it’s a video of your salesperson captured on a laptop camera that helps contacts put a face to a name, and reminds them of a conversation – or whether it’s an elaborate animated explainer that reminds prospects of your business proposition – video can be a meaningful part of your follow-up strategy.

After the trade show ends, consider following up with a blog about your experiences, or social media highlights featuring video snippets from the show. You may even want to send a follow-up email to attendees, or to people who may have missed out on the excitement.

. . .

Trade show videos are an impactful way to reconnect with clients and educate potential prospects about your product or service, while generating excitement, and standing out from the crowd. Your trade show strategy should encompass the entire experience — from creating energy and excitement ahead of time until after the show ends. Coupled with the right narrative, a trade show video can help your team make the right impact the entire way through.



Mandy Senn is the VP of Marketing for 6 STRONG MEDIA, an award-winning video production and motion graphic design agency. As a former corporate event planner, Mandy and 6 STRONG MEDIA understand the importance of using video to enhance your events.

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