GYMGUYZ: Redefining Physical Fitness by Bringing Workouts to You

GYMGUYZ, the first in-home mobile personal training and fitness franchise company, is redefining physical fitness by bringing the workout to the clients, wherever and whenever is convenient for them. Trained and certified coaches bring the instruction and equipment, and customize workouts depending on their clients' fitness levels and goals. Trained using GYMGUYZ methodologies, certified coaches employ various techniques and tools to ensure that no two workouts are ever the same, and make sure that they're always fun and challenging. 

Steve Champagne, franchise owner of GYMGUYZ Chattanooga, shares a bit more about the vision driving GYMGUYZ. 

Trend: Tell us about GYMGUYZ and what you do?

GYMGUYZ is #1 in Home Personal Training. We are a new franchise in the Chattanooga area. We are excited to offer clients a true one on one personal training experience with one of our nationally accredited personal trainers. We don’t just stop there. We offer corporate fitness opportunities for businesses to offer their employees a fun way to exercise and live a healthier more productive lifestyle. The best part is our personal trainers will bring professional fitness equipment to your home or favorite location to exercise.

Trend: You all are the first in home mobile personal training and fitness Franchise Company. How did the idea for GYMGUYZ originate?

Josh York, our founder and CEO, began building a successful personal training business in Plainview, NY. In 2013, he offered the first opportunity to franchise. The original franchise is one of the most successful locations in the company. I decided to become part of the GYMGUYZ family after leaving the health care industry and wanting to continue care for people by helping them live a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness.

Trend: Tell us about your team culture.

Culture begins with a stable foundation. We live our values described in the acronym DRIVE. We are Determined to make dreams a reality through hard work, dedication and self-discipline. With effort and commitment anything is possible. We Respect others and treat everyone the proper way you should be treated. We have the utmost Integrity where we are sincere and uncompromising in our commitment to do the right thing always. We are Versatile in adapting to an ever-changing environment while moving forward with a vision of the future. We strive for Excellence by putting our customers first with exceptional service.

Trend: Why should people work with you over independent personal trainers?

Independent trainers serve a great purpose. Our capabilities stretch far beyond what one person can accomplish. Our technology offers our clients the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when our trainers are not with you. Our clients build a lasting bond with their personal trainers and what they learn from their experience.

Trend: How do you keep your clients accountable?

Our business model offers maximum accountability. Unlike a gym membership, you pay to get results. Our personal trainers show up at your home ready for you to work hard to reach your goals. The convenience of a personal trainer coming to you saves so much time and hassle. Our personal trainers customize your workouts based on your specific goals. Our equipment and technology allow creative workouts that are dynamic and reduce the possibility of monotony and boredom.

Trend: Do you include nutrition coaching in your services?

Yes, we partner with Trifecta who is the leading provider of organic meal delivery. Trifecta offers five major nutrition options including Clean, Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarian. The best part is you don’t have to be a GYMGUYZ client to enjoy discounts available through GYMGUYZ Chattanooga.

Trend: How are payment plans set up and what does each session cover?

We design our packages based on the goals of our clients. A session covers 60 minutes of fitness activity. Our custom developed GYMGUYZ App is given to each client to maintain focus on a healthy lifestyle, even when our personal trainer is not there.

Read more about GYMGUYZ services, schedule a free training session, find a trainer and more here

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