Hamilton County Schools Offer 28 Future Ready Institutes

Lizzie Hickman

How did you decide on your future career path? Did you shadow a professional in the field, research what a day in the life looks like or pursue one of your parents' professions?

As a community, we’re ensuring our students are prepared for the jobs of the future through businesses partnering with local schools to create our Future Ready Institutes, directly impacting our future talent pipeline. These Institutes offer a unique career-based education through smaller learning communities, capitalizing on a statewide opportunity to reimagine high school.

Hamilton County Schools are up to a grand total of 28 different Future Ready Institutes in 12 local high schools, ranging from manufacturing to marketing and everything in between. Get acquainted with the schools and the Future Ready Institutes they house:

Brainerd High

Institute of Aviation

This institute prepares students for a career in aviation flight. Students learn the principles of flight through flight simulators and drone use. This institute also covers engine work and repair, general maintenance and engine work problem solving.

Institute of Entrepreneurship  

Students learn skills vital to succeed in the world of business. From culinary arts to cosmetology to marketing, students are immersed in hands-on, real-world experiences. This institute gives students experience in anything from running a bistro to operating a full-service salon, teaching foundational business concepts.

Institute of Law, First Responders and Forensic Science

This Institute offers two pathways – one focuses on emergency service relating to health science, the second focuses on criminal justice and corrections. In the former, students learn about the history and philosophy of law enforcement and the rights of citizens in a democracy.

The Emergency Services pathway emphasizes medical terminology, therapeutics, first aid and CPR. Students in this institute also take part in a clinical internship.

Central High

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics

This institute prepares students for the 21st century manufacturing industry. Partnering with Gestamp, Volkswagen, Tennessee Rand, Automation IG, Southern Champion Tray and others gives students diversity in manufacturing exposure. Students earn industry certifications during their time in this institute.

Institute of Architecture and Engineering Design

Learning how to design, model, draw and build projects for different engineering disciplines is central to this institute. Partnerships with Terracon, the Chattanooga State TCAT Center and other companies help students gain experience in manufacturing techniques, drafting software and 3D printing.

East Hamilton Middle/High

Bryan College Institute of Leadership, Business and Marketing

Students learn professional fundamentals needed in higher education and the business industry. Business fundamentals are integrated in the curriculum through operating a for-profit business on campus. Virtual Enterprise International works with schools and districts to implement a year-long class that provides students with an authentic, collaborative business and entrepreneurship experience through its live global business simulation model. 

Institute of Innovate Engineering

Members of this institute follow the tinker, innovate and engineer (TIE) model of engineering. Challenging coursework and hands-on experiences teach problem solving and team work resulting in personal growth. Students are encouraged to think big and make mistakes giving them unique opportunities to reflect upon designs and identify growth areas.

East Ridge High

Institute of Engineering and Design

This institute offers four areas of focus: Architecture and Engineering, Interior Design, Graphic Arts, and Design and Audio Visual Production. This institute offers early post-secondary opportunities through job shadowing, work based learning, duel-credit, duel enrollment and industry certifications.

Institute of Building Construction

Studying the fundamentals of the construction industry includes learning about safety standards, tools and materials used in the industry. Topics of plumbing, electrical and structural systems are covered through coursework. Upon graduation, students have opportunities to earn dual credit, dual enrollment and industry certifications.

Institute of Leadership

With a mission to motivate young people to be the best citizens, this Institute offers a Junior Reserve Officers Training Program (JROTC). Along with JROTC, this institute offers two additional areas of focus: Cyber Security and Emergency Medicine. By their senior year, students will have donated 100 hours of community service through blood drives, medical clinics, military parades and more.

Hixson High

Institute of Integrative Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Three emphasis areas merge academic knowledge with real-world application. Students enrolled in this institute can choose from Veterinary Science, Food Science and Natural Resources. Students have access to two modern green houses with solar panels, commercial-scale hydroponic systems, aquaculture tanks and an animal vet assistant training area. Partnerships with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency allow students to assist in state land management.

Institute of Health Careers and Medical Advancement

Students become the health leaders of tomorrow with this institute preparing students to succeed in their post-secondary career goals through opportunities to earn a national certification in Personal Training, Dental Assisting, Clinical Medical Assisting, EKG Tech and Certified Nursing Assistant with a Tennessee license.

Institute of Business Leaders and Owners

Students gain exposure to entrepreneurship and franchising as well as careers like business analyst, corporative investment banker, risk manager, marketing executive, systems analyst and stock broker. Partnerships with Flywheel, Chik-Fil-A's Leadership Program and Amazon's Future Engineer program expand the reach of this Institute.

The Howard School

Erlanger Institute of Healthcare and Innovation

Interactions with speakers and Erlanger professionals allows students to strengthen professional skills, focusing on collaboration, problem solving and communication. Students during their senior year are prepared for assessments leading to certifications in therapeutics and diagnostics.

See Rock City Inc. Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management

This institute offers two different pathways: Culinary Arts and Tourism Management. In Culinary Arts, students learn about food safety and sanitation, cooking and food presentation. Hospitality and Tourism Management focuses on customer service and how it impacts overall presentation.

Institute of Robotics and Welding

This institute prepares students for careers in the mechanical industry of advanced manufacturing. Students become proficient in mechanics, computer and control systems, components of manufacturing systems, metal fabrication and safety.

Institute of Architecture and Construction

The engineering and design industries are continuing to grow in our community. Students learn collaboration, problem-solving and professional skills through real-world design projects. Projects develop proficiency in drawing, rendering, modeling and building in combination with written and verbal communication skills. Students enrolled in this institute for four years have the option to enroll in apprenticeships.

Lookout Valley Middle/High

Institute of Technology and Multimedia

This institute allows students to learn about the entertainment and news media industries. Courses cover television, cinema, radio and other audio products. Skills in commercials, music, news, interactive programming and film prepare students to be able to capture, edit and distribute content.

Institute of Automotive Maintenance and Manufacturing

Operational systems of vehicles and how to diagnose problems and repair them are covered in this institute. Through using modern equipment, students learn safety and industry standards. 

Ooltewah High

Institute of Architecture and Engineering Design

Students learn to design, model, draw and build projects for various disciplines in engineering, using technology to apply industry standards to designs. A partnership with Terracon and the Chattanooga State TCAT Center, gives students the opportunity to explore career opportunities and gain real-world experience.

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics 

This institute is tailored to students who are interested in the diverse field of manufacturing. Partnering with manufacturers located in Chattanooga, students receive enhanced real world situations in the classroom. Partners include Gestamp, Volkswagen, Tennessee Rand, Automation IG, Southern Champion Tray and more. 

Red Bank High

BlueCross Technology Academy

Formally known as the Institute of Engineering and Computer Science, this program prepares students for a future in technology. Up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of engineering and digital careers teach students how to prepare for a future in innovative first century computer science careers.

Sequoyah High

Institute of Industrial Manufacturing

This institute focuses on careers in welding and machining to prepare students for local workforce demands. Students right out of high school will be prepared for skilled trade careers. Students have the opportunity to earn industry credentials while in high school.

Soddy Daisy High 

Institute of Media and Entrepreneurship

Students interested in careers in business, media production and web development become thought leaders in this institute as they learn coding, website development and app design. Students focusing on media learn basics in audio production, editing and embedding videos.

BlueCross Technology Academy 

This academy combines engaging classroom learning with professional mentors to prepare students for technology careers. The four-year curriculum will combine Future Ready Institute courses with core classes required for high school graduation.

Tyner Academy

EPB Institute of Technology and Networking

Students gain a strong understanding of computer systems, coding and networking. Students will have multiple opportunities to travel to EPB, gaining in-depth knowledge of career opportunities in information technology, infrastructure networking and cyber security.

UTC Institute of Teaching and Learning

Future educators find a home in this institute with courses in instruction, teaching strategies and types of assessments, student learning, special populations, educational technology, classroom management, lesson planning and professionalism. Upon completion, students will participate in internship placements and build a professional portfolio.

Institute of Health Services

An introductory course designed to prepare students for careers in public health, therapeutics, diagnostics and support services. Students will be able to compare and contrast features of health care systems and explain the legal and ethical ramifications in the health care setting.

Learn more about the Future Ready Institutes here.

Want to be a Future Ready Institute Partner? A Future Ready Institute school partner consists of a business or community organization willing to support the development of Hamilton County’s future talent and establish a formal partnership agreement with a high school institute.

The overall partnership will result in collaboration between the school and partner to prepare students for post-secondary life. Partnership activities vary, depending on the institute’s needs and the business’ interests and resources.

We ask interested businesses to complete a Partnership Agreement with the Future Ready Institutes. The agreement will let us know how you'd like to assist with this program.

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