Best Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Summer

Austin Anthony

The summer solstice heralds the changing of seasons: the cascade of lush green tree tops dancing in a warm breeze, the refreshing sustenance of sweet tea on a front porch, the caressing, sweet aroma of a family barbeque, the atrociously high humidity that makes you feel like you’re drowning simply by standing still and … cakes?

It’s undeniable.

There's something about summer that really brings out the sweet tooth. The weather gets warm, and suddenly, we're saying au revoir to savory and craving all the sugar we can get our hands on. And luckily, summer really comes through in the dessert category — from ice cream to donuts to the more natural sweetness of fresh fruits on everything from grandma’s iconic blueberry cobbler to mom’s famous apple pie.

If winter and spring are a time for health, wellness and resolutions, then summer initiates a debauchery of candies, baked goods and all things sweet. And to celebrate this summer long Bacchanalia of sugar, we indulged our sweet tooth (more accurately, our sweet teeth) to discover delicious Chattanooga sweets.

There’s a whole lot of sweet stuff in Chattanooga these days — from whiskey flavored ice cream, to a butterbeer gelato that transports you to Hogsmeade, to a Peanut Butter Madness cupcake to die for. Chattanooga has hit the sweet spot when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. The best bakeries in town all have loyal followings and almost all are locally owned. We checked in with them to get their recipe for success and the run down on current deals, discounts and specials for you in all their sweet goodness.


At Pinkberry, you can taste the difference of an uncompromising commitment to quality and freshness. In concurrence with summertime sweet indulgence, Pinkberry has released the perfect summertime frozen yogurt flavor to beat the heat —  Mango. Customers can enjoy it all summer long. For more information, visit their website or call 423.498.2944.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

A cake shop that is truly perfect for every occasion. Nothing Bundt Cakes makes great gifts or treats for all kinds of events: anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, baby showers and more. At Nothing Bundt Cakes, their desire is to not only create a cake that reminds you of home, but also take you on a journey to another sweet dimension. For more information, visit their website or call 423.648.6488.


No sweet tooth list would be complete without Chattanooga’s own ice cream paradise, Clumpies Ice Cream Company. Still working in small batches, keeping things simple with rich and creamy flavors, like chocolate chocolate chunk and butter pecan, it’s no wonder the local ice cream shop has been enjoyed for more than two decades. In collaboration with Chattanooga Whiskey, Clumpies has sweetened the ice cream scene with the release of their Whiskey Caramel Corn Flake Crunch. That name's a mouthful, isn't it? What's inside is a mouthful, too. Actually, several mouthfuls. For hours or further information, visit their website or call 423.267.5425.

Bite Me Bakery

Bite Me Bakery specializes in almost every facet of the sweet domain: wholesome breads, granolas, sweet breads, sweet rolls, cookies, pies, cakes and more! With no sugary layer unturned, it’s no surprise we’ve included Bite Me Bakery in our top list. For further inquiries, visit their website or call 423.498.3100.

B’s Sweets

Opened in 2012 at the foot of Lookout Mountain, B’s Sweets has been cooking up moist, delectable baked goods ever since — from cakes, to cookies, to chocolate creations, to traditional or artisan breads, B’s Sweets offers everything you need to satisfy your summer sweet obsession. For more information, visit their website or call 423.521.0373.

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