Fleischmann Welcomes New Hamilton County Director 

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement announcing that Lisa Eyster will join the Congressman’s staff in the new role of Hamilton County Director:

“I am excited to have Lisa Eyster as a member of my staff,” said Congressman Fleischmann. “Lisa will serve as Hamilton County Director – a new position created to respond to the needs and further development of one of my largest counties. Lisa brings a fresh perspective, in addition to a unique set of knowledge, skills, and expertise that I believe will greatly benefit the community.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of Congressman Fleischmann’s team in the Third Congressional District, and look forward to working, on his behalf, with the citizens of Hamilton County,” said Lisa Eyster.

Previously, Lisa Eyster organized and directed senatorial and gubernatorial races in addition to working on Capitol Hill.

Bob White will remain Congressman Fleischmann’s Deputy Chief of Staff for District Operations.

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