Enterprise/Gateway Council Partners with ArchWay Kids for Annual BOOST Summit

Amanda Ellis

The Chamber's Enterprise/Gateway Council partners with ArchWay Kids to bring a new iteration of their annual BOOST Summit to life. The ArchWay program is for kids ages 9 to 17 and teaches soft skills essential for thriving professionally and personally.

“ArchWay Kids taught me how to look someone in the eye, shake their hand firmly and be whoever I think I can be,” says Lanisha, an ArchWay Kid and high school senior. “It teaches you about real life.”

ArchWay Kids, alongside the BOOST committee, will rebrand, plan and assist with the new BOOST.

“ArchWay Kids will make progress through our dedication to entrepreneurship,” says Michelle Peterson, ArchWay Kids Founder. “Partnerships like this one with the Enterprise/Gateway Council will bring both future profit and youth-based entrepreneurial progression in the East Chattanooga community.”

“We’re excited to see the kids take such ownership of this event,” says James Brantley, Enterprise/Gateway Council President-Elect. “They are doing a great job so far and are really great to work with. With continued evidence on what works for youth, now is the time to scale up programs and practices that provide successful pathways to build skills, get jobs and begin careers.”

Since 2009, the Enterprise/Gateway Council has hosted the annual BOOST (Business Owners’ Opportunity for Success Today) Summit to promote business and industry success. BOOST brings business owners and community leaders together to hear local expert panelists.

“The concept for this year’s event came from our board’s commitment to community service,” says Rhey Houston, Enterprise/Gateway Council President. “BOOST will now support a community initiative that aligns with our business plan and become Business Owners’ Opportunity to Support Today.”

More information about this May 24 event, including registration information, will be available soon.   

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