Chattanooga Airport Unveils Website Optimized for Today’s Traveler

Marissa Bell

When the Chattanooga Airport embarked on the process of creating a new website, they concentrated on how it could best resemble the service they provide and meet the needs of the record-breaking volume of passengers they serve. The result, developed in partnership with Maycreate and Waterhouse Public Relations, is an intuitive platform mirroring the convenience of flying in and out of the Chattanooga Airport.

“At the Chattanooga airport. our customers and safety are our top priorities so we continue to be innovative in our operations and offerings, while consistently providing convenient, easy travel to countless destinations,” says Terry Hart, President of the Chattanooga Airport. “We needed a website that matched how easy it is to fly in and out of Chattanooga and that reflected the tech-savvy city where we live. Our new website makes flying even easier and meets the needs of today’s traveler.”

The Chattanooga Airport and Maycreate looked at how they could make things as simple as possible for visitors to the website and improve efficiency for their many business travelers. They reduced the amount of clicking required to reach necessary info and put the top things travelers are looking for within reach on the homepage.

When users arrive to, they see flight status, parking, checkpoint wait times, nonstop destinations, ground transportation and airport amenities – all without having to make a single click through to another page.

For passengers on the go for vacation or business, the website works seamlessly on multiple devices and mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones. Maycreate capitalized on current principles in user interface design to build a user-friendly website optimized for today’s traveler.

“We are bringing a more modern look and feel to the site, more contemporary,” says Brian May, President & Executive Creative Director of Maycreate. “Mainly we wanted things to be more readily accessible without a lot of clicking. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the site will automatically display the website specific to your device.”

Once on the homepage, the navigation guides travelers to what they need – a quick glance to see that a flight is on time, real-time updates on low wait times at the security checkpoint and booking access to all airlines and countless destinations.

For returning travelers and new visitors to the airport, the website puts all of the facility’s amenities at their fingertips through intuitive maps of the terminal sections. Users can find food and beverage options, connect to free high-speed Wi-Fi and find the exact location of all EPB Recharge Stations, which is essential for the airport’s business travelers.

“A website is the most important gateway to a business,” said Albert Waterhouse, president of Waterhouse Public Relations. “This new website aligns the Chattanooga Airport’s online presence with the hospitality and convenience people know from flying to and from Chattanooga. We are also constantly listening to our customers, and this is another channel for interaction so we can continue to do all we can to make their travel experience as seamless and efficient as possible.”

For visitors traveling to Chattanooga to explore and spend money on lodging, attractions and dining, the new airport website provides helpful links to where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Local scenic photography is featured throughout the site, putting the region’s natural beauty front and center.

The new website elements work together to meet the platform’s welcome message, “Everything's easier when you fly from Chattanooga.”

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