Celebrating 50 Years of East Ridge Council

East Ridge, Tennessee recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary with a one-day festival held at Camp Jordan Park. The festival featured guest speakers including East Ridge Mayor, Brian Williams, as well as live music and family-friendly activities including a 5K, 10K and half-marathon race.

According to library records, East Ridge became a fully incorporated town on  April 4, 1921, with a population of approximately 300 people. Since then, the city has grown to become one of the leading neighborhoods in Hamilton County — serving as the gateway to Chattanooga for those visitors entering from Georgia.

In November, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce also celebrated an important milestone as East Ridge Council reached its 50-year anniversary. Founded in 1887, the Chattanooga Chamber is one of the original 40 chambers of the United States. In 1969 community leaders founded the Chattanooga Chamber Foundation to lead the area’s economic development through a public-private partnership. East Ridge Council was formed a few years later in 1971 and has since then continued serving Hamilton County by championing small businesses in the area.

“Congratulations to the East Ridge Council for being an integral part of the Chattanooga Chamber for 50 years. We are grateful to the many board members and volunteers who have provided valuable resources, programming and service to our community for five decades,” said Sandra Mitchell, Vice President of Membership and Investor Relations, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members celebrated the council’s 50-year anniversary with an event at Top Golf Chattanooga sponsored by local businesses including Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Johnson Tax Service, Craft Axe Throwing and Humanist Hospitality. Community leaders in attendance included Mayor Williams and East Ridge City Council member, Aundie Witt.

“The Chattanooga Chamber’s 12 councils are one of the most distinguishing factors that make us a nationally recognized chamber of commerce. Our East Ridge Council has set an outstanding example of the impact of servant leadership through volunteers who all have a passion for making a positive impact on their community,” said Ross Katayama, Community Outreach Coordinator, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

This 50-year celebration offered council members an opportunity to renew their commitment to both the city of East Ridge and its citizens. As Chattanooga grows, the Chamber of Commerce and its councils continue the long-standing tradition of supporting the region’s economic development for years to come.

Visit chattanoogacalling.com to learn more about life in East Ridge.

View pictures of the event through the East Ridge Council Facebook page, here.

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