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Think INC: $70 Million Impact

Located in downtown Chattanooga and housed inside the Hamilton County Business Development Center, the Chattanooga Chamber’s INCubator is the largest business incubator in Tennessee and third largest in the United States. Serving as an integral part of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Meet the Financial Crime Fighters at Mission Omega 

In part due to the digital transformation of commerce, financial crime is a growing and fast-changing concern for consumers, banks, economies, and governments worldwide. Ben Wallach and Ian Mitchell, armed with their experience in combatting fraud for more than 25 years, began

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Hamilton County INCubator Builds Business, Launches Leaders

Passion for better, more sustainable or more transparent products and processes inspire hard-working Chattanoogans to embrace entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are scrappy, using every resource and spare minute to propel their business forward. These visionaries, found everywhere from coffee shops to home

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ENERG3 Joins $50 Million Partnership

Chattanooga, Tenn. — Chattanooga-based ENERG3 has partnered with a Conn.-based asset management firm for a capital infusion of $50 million for energy efficiency and sustainability projects for EES Consulting and ENERG3 clients. The fund is particularly interested in solar roofs and combined

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