Business Insider Picks Up Sukriti Chadha’s Chattanooga Story

Josué Vega, Marketing & Communications Intern

Allow us to state the obvious: there are lots of reasons to be wild about Chattanooga. 

Sukriti Chadha would agree. In fact, her story of how she relocated from NYC to make a home in Chattanooga was recently featured in Business Insider. Chadha, who works remotely as a mobile and accessibility project manager at Spotify, highlights several advantages of living in the Scenic City. Those assets include the area's lower cost of living, tight knit community, hobbyist scene, and art scene, to name a few. 


A native of India who moved to the U.S. to study at Princeton University, Chadha offers unique perspectives on Chattanooga to Business Insider’s broad audience. Her perspectives showcase the area's diversity, business and lifestyle opportunities, and the community's reputation for welcoming newcomers with open arms. 

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