Hot Chattanooga Businesses go Global: Bellhops, Branch Technology, Hoff & Pepper

Jeremy Henderson

Whether it’s hot sauce, big, really big 3-D architecture innovation or heart-warming stories about top-notch service, Chattanooga businesses are making news around the globe. If you’ve been thinking about relocating to Chattanooga, check out these winners who hire the best and take innovation to a whole new level.


Chattanooga’s own Bellhops Moving is garnering global attention after the company’s CEO gifted his car to an exceptionally dedicated employee.

The aptly-named Walter Carr, who was unable to find a ride to work after his car broke down, started walking from Homewood, Alabama toward nearby Pelham at midnight in order to arrive at his Bellhops moving job by 8 a.m. Pelham police picked him up around 4 a.m. and took him to breakfast before dropping him off at the home of customer Jenny Lamey.

Despite the long trek, Carr immediately began helping with the move and when Lamey heard his story, she took to Facebook to express her astonishment and joy at his dedication. The post immediately went viral. That’s when Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin saw it.

“Just sitting there reading it, I was just blown away,” Marklin said. “The more we learned, the more we realized Walter was just a special person.”

Marklin decided to drive from Tennessee to Alabama and present Carr with his personal 2014 Ford Escape.

Bellhops filmed the encounter and you can watch it on their YouTube channel, here.

Branch Technology:

Bigger than any other 3D printed structure in the world and one-half the cost of a steel structure in a similar configuration.

That’s architecture geek-speak for “this is big, really big.” Designed in Chattanooga’s Branch Technology headquarters, soon graduating from the INCubator, this structure deserves a look: Video here.

That’s a 20’ tall and 42’ span of innovation. You’re welcome, Nashville. Kudos go to Cambridge Inc., Branch Technology and their designers Melody Rees and Jason Vereschak, and the structural engineers at Thornton Tomasetti – CORE Studio.


Hoff & Pepper:

Hey, Hoff & Pepper, remember when Chrissy Teigen shared your hot sauce with her 19 million followers. Congratulations!, writes’s Sean Phipps on his Facebook page.

Yes, that Chrissy Teigen declared Chattanooga-based Hoff & Pepper’s products “the 10 best hot sauces of all time” on her Twitter account. You know, the one with 19 million followers.

Hoff & Pepper’s a startup making the world spicier from its headquarters in the INCubator at the Hamilton County Business Development Center, managed by the Chattanooga Chamber.

Described as a composition that enhances and adds complexity to the dish rather than devouring all in its path, Hoff & Pepper’s hitting all the right spice notes – and the hottest glamour Instagram accounts.

Austin Anthony wrote about Hoff & Pepper last month in, read more here. And, visit their website and Facebook page, because who doesn’t want hot friends?

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