Beam Up Your Merch with Moonbeam Printing

Lizzie Williams

Chattanoogans love stickers. Have you seen the cars sporting Rock Creek logos, water bottles that encourage you to “See Rock City” or laptops sporting local business logos?

Stickers and printing aren’t only for the well-hydrated and craft coffee lovers. Local businesses print more than we realize. Whether it’s a sticker or a banner for an upcoming event, it’s important to have a printing company your business can trust.

Moonbeam Printing has over 30 years of experience. They are currently housed in the INCubator in the Hamilton County Business Development Center, printing everything from banners to keg wraps.

We sat down with Moonbeam CEO Wayne Taylor to learn more about the company.

Trend: How did you get your name?

Wayne Taylor: We’re a family business made up of my sister Tammy, my nephew Justin and myself.

Our father worked for NASA and was part of every Apollo Mission ever launched, including Apollo 11 where Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon.

When NASA moved away from the Apollo program and started developing the space shuttle to run long-term missions, many people lost their jobs including my father. He and our family moved to Tennessee where he got a job with Martin Marietta, a leading supplier of building materials.

Because of his job at NASA, his Martin Marietta co-workers dubbed him “Moonbeam.” He passed away not long ago. We chose the name Moonbeam Printing to honor him.  

Trend: How are you different from other printing companies?

Taylor: I have a background in industrial sales which helps us understand the needs of equipment manufacturers who purchase data plates, safety labels and machine overlays.

We’re also set up to help both large and small customers. We can handle big jobs and small orders or prototype work.

Trend: What is your most popular service?

Taylor: Currently, our most popular service is stickers, the kind available for purchase or given away at local restaurants and breweries. Those same restaurants and breweries also purchase banners from us.

 I’m told it’s because I spend too much time at breweries and local restaurants, but I’m sure there’s another explanation.

Trend: Have you partnered with any other local businesses on any projects? 

Taylor: Not yet, but we’re looking for those opportunities.

Trend: How do you see Moonbeam expanding?

Taylor: We want to grow our sales and bring on more family members. We hope to invest in new equipment such as lasers, enabling us to engrave product information directly onto a customer’s product.

Trend: What inspires you most about Chattanooga?

Taylor:  I think the world is full of good people and when I run into those people it makes me want to be a better person myself.

In Chattanooga, I’ve always run into good businesses. We get calls from locals who say, ‘We want to buy our products locally and help our neighbors.’ Almost all of the businesses we’ve talked to in the area have adopted some kind of mission or charity. They really get the pay it forward concept. Chattanooga businesses are the example we intend to follow.

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