Anthony Byrd appointed to City Court Clerk: Appointment to become effective once confirmed by City Council

Chattanooga, Tenn. (Tuesday, Feb. 1) — Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly today appointed Anthony Byrd as City Court Clerk, who has decades of experience in a similar role prior to his term on City Council.

Byrd served for more than 20 years with distinction at the Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office, ultimately resigning from his position in 2017 to become a Chattanooga city councilman. During his time as an elected lawmaker, Byrd chaired the City Council’s Public Safety Committee as well as the Economic and Community Development Committee. He has advocated for public safety reform, and helped form the city’s Police Advisory and Review Committee as part of those efforts.

“We’re blessed to have someone of Councilman Byrd’s caliber and experience who is willing to serve in this critical role for our community,” said Kelly. “He brings not only decades of relevant experience to the position, but has also demonstrated that he cares for our residents and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure our residents get excellent service.”

Byrd has been active in public service for many years, receiving a key to the city at age 13 from then-Chattanooga Mayor Gene Roberts for positive musical contributions to the community as part of singing group The Happy Clowns. Byrd used music to take a stand against drug addiction and other self-destructive behavior, and he went on to sign a record deal alongside recording artist Usher Raymond to travel the world and continue his mission to encourage positive behaviors.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue this urgent work on behalf of our community,” Byrd said. “Serving the residents of District 8 has been the honor of my life, and I’m looking forward to the chance to serve all the residents of every district moving forward as the city implements Mayor Kelly’s One Chattanooga strategy.”

Byrd will resign his Council seat in order to take on this new assignment for the city, which will become effective once confirmed by City Council.

In order to avoid any perceived conflict of interest, Byrd will not attend any further City Council meetings as an elected official, and will not take part in any votes. The remaining members of City Council will determine how to proceed in filling the District 8 seat.

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