6 Blog Post Ideas for Your Business

Kate Robertson

Blogging is a great way to showcase your business. It gives you a space to share your knowledge, give advice, guidance and inspiration and to reach new audiences and potential clients. It’s a game changer that I believe every business or aspiring business owner needs, especially now that many of our engagements are done virtually. 

A few years ago, I wrote about six tips for rocking a business blog. Once you start a blog, you’ll need to fill out a content calendar and put a plan together. That means you have another big question to answer: “What the heck am I supposed to write about?”

That seems like a daunting question to tackle at first. The good news? You have plenty of topics to explore.

To get you started, here are six post ideas for your business’s blog to keep your readers engaged:

Your Business Story

Everyone loves a good origin story. Tell your readers how your business came to be, who the key players are, your vision for the future. Sharing the beginnings of your business can also give your readers (and potential clients and partners) more insights into how your business operates and why you do the work you do.

Employee Spotlights

Sometimes people forget that businesses are just as much about the people as the work. Sharing fun mini-features or spotlights on your business’s employees gives the business a more relatable, human aspect. Each employee brings special character and value to a business, and showing that can say a lot about a business’s culture and environment.

Challenges Your Business Has Faced and How You Overcame Them

Maybe you don’t want to share your deepest, darkest challenges. Maybe you’re cool with doing that. The bottom line is that all businesses struggle at some point; no business is perfect. The lessons and insights learned from those challenges may prove helpful for another business or entrepreneur going through a similar challenge. Sharing about challenging experiences also shows a degree of vulnerability and humility that I personally like to see from a business.

Update and Share an Old Post

It’s fun to reread an old post – especially one of your first few posts – and see how far you’ve come. Pick out an older post and freshen it up a little: update some of the content and information, mix up the format a little (bullet points and subheadings, anyone?), add a new graphic or photo and boost up the SEO. You’ll be amazed at what a difference those little changes can make. Older posts also serve as great inspiration for brand new posts. A side note or supporting point from a previous post can turn into a stroke of genius for future content.

Goals for Your Business

On my personal blog, my “goals” posts are some of my top-performing posts of all time. People love to read about your plans and ambitions, and love even more when you share your success stories once those goals are achieved. Goals posts can inspire others who may be struggling to put their own goals into words. It’s also a great accountability tool to keep yourself and your business on track to make those goals happen.

Lessons Learned from Operating a Business

These posts are great to share on milestones or anniversaries, like your first year in business, after three years in business, etc. It’s exciting to read about how a business has developed and how those lessons can be applied moving forward. Even if it seems like an easy, “duh” lesson to you, share it. You never know how it can help someone else. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on how far your business has come and to focus on your visions for the future.

Once you write and publish the first few posts for your business blog, the rest will come naturally. Many new blog post ideas may even stem from previous posts you’ve written. That’s like getting two for one, and who doesn’t love a good deal?

What other topics do you have for your business blog?


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